Bear Creek Trails Closed to Motorized Vehicles (December 2012)
The U.S. Forest Service has reached an agreement with the Center for Biological Diversity, settling a lawsuit about protection for the greenback cutthroat trout population in a 4-mile stretch of Bear Creek, to close to motorized vehicles the Bear Creek Trail and parts of the Buckhorn, Forester and Nelson's Camp Trails.   See the complete story in the Gazette 11/22/2012 and Judge rejects plan, Gazette 11/28/2012.  The Forest Service order has a link to the  full order and a map.

Ski Resort on Harvey Carter Property (December 2012)
The plans to build a ski resort on the Harvey Carter property at the end of the Crags road on the west side of Pikes Peak is still alive.  See the complete story in the Gazette 11/22/2012.

South Slope Watershed 
Toward the goal of opening South Slope to the public, FOTP has joined other organizations in designing and building new sustainable trails along McReynolds Reservoir and to Mason Reservoir.

Ring the Peak
From the inception of the concept of a perimeter trail, FOTP has provided the vision, design and construction of a trail system that circumnavigates Pikes Peak.  This project is approximately 80% complete.

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