Friends of the Peak | Project Reminder June 2015
Friends of the Peak - 20 Years of Caring for Pikes Peak
Friends of the Peak has a busy project season.
 We need your help.
Upcoming projects include:
Saturday, June 27:  Ring the Peak Raspberry segment
An opportunity to improve the Ring the Peak trail, on a segment that Friends of the Peak built in 2003 and 2004.  A switchback or two need to be reworked, and another area of trail has erosion problems.  With enough volunteers, we can address the issues.  The hike in is only about a quarter mile, a nice short hike.  

Saturday, July 11:  North Slope Mackinaw Trail
The Mackinaw Trail runs along the shore of North Catamount Reservoir.  The trail has some erosion problems to repair.  Most of the work is close to the trailhead.  Friends of the Peak hasn't worked on the Mackinaw Trail before, so this will be a new experience.

Saturday, July 25: Elk Park Knoll Trail
This old favorite can still use some help.  We'll widen a narrow spot, and, with enough volunteers, work to reduce erosion on the trail.

Thursday, July 2: St. Mary's Falls Trail
Thursday projects have been improving drainage and stabilizing the St. Mary's Falls Trail.  Here is one more Thursday to help.

Thursday, July 16: Seven Bridges Trail
Thursday projects move over to Seven Bridges Trail, but still meet in the same parking lot.  Come help on this popular trail.

Thursday, July 30: Seven Bridges Trail
Thursday projects continue on Seven Bridges.  This popular trail can always use help.

We have lots of projects on Barr Trail coming up in August, and September as well, most with interesting transportation.  You can check out the Projects page, and the links there for a preview.

For more information or to register for any of the projects, go to the Projects page on our web site or email

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