FOTP Newsletter April 2015

  NEWSLETTER                      APRIL 2015

Friends of the Peak is 20 years old this year.  We’re celebrating with a party on June 20, and you’re invited.  We’ll start with a project on St. Mary’s Falls Trail, then move to the picnic pavilions in North Cheyenne Canyon Park, near the Starsmore Discovery Center at 4 p.m. for a program, dinner, and music.  We plan to put out a special anniversary newsletter.  It will include thoughts and memories from Mary Burger.  If you’ve been around Friends of the Peak long at all, you know Mary.  She was one of the founders, guided Friends of the Peak for years, and also was project coordinator, certainly a driving force.  We’d like to add other reminiscences about Friends of the Peak.  If you’d like to contribute, please contact us.

Whether you’ve been involved with Friends of the Peak for years or just found out about us, we hope to see you.  Come celebrate our 20th anniversary with us on June 20.

Meanwhile, you can click here for the articles in this newsletter:

      Upcoming Events
      Fire and Frustration
      2015 Projects
      What's Happening With...
      2014 Donations

Upcoming Events

Karma Night for Friends of the Peak, Tuesday, May 26, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Bristol Brewing Company, Ivywild School, 1604 S. Cascade
Come have a beer for a good cause

Leave No Trace awareness class -- learn good stewardship ethics for the Great Outdoors
Two opportunities, on the north side of town and the south side.
North side:
When: 6 pm - 8 pm, Thursday, April 30
Where: Library 21C, 1175 Chapel Hills Drive, in the Ent Conference Center
South side:
When: 6 pm - 8 pm, Thursday, Sept 17
Where: TOSC offices, 1040 S. 8th St, in the large conference room upstairs
If possible, please e-mail Susan Jarvis-Weber at if you plan to attend.
Pre-registration is helpful but not necessary.
Presented by Susan Jarvis-Weber, Friends of the Peak

Fire and Frustration
in February

Those of you who visit the webpage or watch the Friends of the Peak Facebook page (
FriendsofthePeak) no doubt saw that our tool storage facility suffered a major fire on February 14th of this year.  While it was not a total catastrophe, we did lose a lot of items and suffered some severe damage.

Our storage unit, located at a commercial facility at 19th and King St in Colorado Springs, was one of about a dozen units that suffered fire damage, with dozens more being affected by smoke and water damage.  The source of the fire was one unit over and sharing the back wall with ours in the same building, so our beloved possessions were strapped into a front row seat for the destruction.  Fire investigators have determined that the fire was human-caused, but no further information has been officially released.

The most important of our possessions, the tool inventory, was not lost, though the tools did incur various levels of damage, including some scorched handles, some burnt items and smoke damage, and of course a few pieces were actually a total loss.  All of the tools that have metal components did rust a bit after the water soaking due to a delay of several days before we could get to the unit and recover our items.

We lost any items that were in cardboard boxes, which were left in ashes, and many plastic storage bins melted quite a lot, though once pried open, their contents were often partially salvageable.  Our 6 ft wooden folding table was left as a remnant of charred wood inside a metal frame.  Our inventory of past T-shirts was turned into a rainbow–colored blob of melted synthetics.  Our sandwich board sign that so many of you instantly recognize was melted, but surprisingly still readable.  If you’re curious, we have a photoset of some of the damage on our Facebook page.

We will certainly be able to recover from this unfortunate incident without any risk to our schedule for the season. If you are feeling so inspired, you can help by participating in one of the upcoming tool refurbishment days that we are planning. Watch our website and Facebook for details, which will include a tool cleaning session on May 2.  You can also help by sending us some PayPal love via our donations page.  At this time we do not have a list of in-kind donations that we are seeking – it seems it is just too early to know how much we’ll miss a bin full of plasticware or a melted webbing strap.

2015 Projects

Friends of the Peak has a busy project season ahead.  We have 9 project days scheduled for Barr Trail, some of them employing interesting transportation.  The Cog will take volunteers for some of the projects, and the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon will use the sturdy trucks they rent before the races to transport volunteers for other projects.  One Barr project even has culinary support from Barr Camp.  All the projects should be great.

We have weekend projects on other trails, some perennial favorites, like Elk Park Knoll and the Crags route to the summit.  We’re also repairing a few spots on the Raspberry Mountain segment of Ring the Peak.  A new experience will be working on the Mackinaw Trail on North Slope.  If trail maintenance is more intense than you’d like, we have two projects that should be perfect for you, pulling toadflax, an invasive weed, in Red Rock Canyon Open Space, with Friends of Red Rock, and gathering seed to restore disturbed areas near Severy Creek, with Rocky Mountain Field Institute.

If you’d like a weekday opportunity, we’re continuing with Thursday projects, this year on St. Mary’s Falls Trail, Seven Bridges Trail, and Barr Trail.

Check out our schedule on the Projects page of our web site.  If you want more details, the links on the right side of the Projects page for each trail provide more information, and you can e-mail  We hope to see you sometime.

What’s Happening With …

The Friends of the Peak web site has links to the official pages for these, but briefly:

South Slope
South Slope opens for the season on May 23.  Reservations open on May 1.  The system is the same as last year, preregistration needed, generally open Thursdays through Sundays, late May through September. has a map of the trails on South Slope, a view with Google Maps, and a GPX file for the trails.

Ute Pass Trail
El Paso County Parks is working on the master plan for the Ute Pass Trail.  They have held the first public meeting, and are now working with the comments from that to determine possible routes to fill the gap in the trail from Longs Ranch Road to Ute Pass Elementary School.  They are planning to have another public meeting the first week of May, but have not set a date.

Bear Creek
The NEPA process is moving along.  Since Colorado Springs city council gave Jones Park to El Paso County, Forest Service is working with the county.  They hope to have a final decision for the Bear Creek watershed this summer or fall.

Thank you to our contributors.

Summit Contributors

Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon - runners
Pikes Peak Marathon - board of directors
Barr Trail Mountain Race

Richard Battersby
Steve Bennett
Dick Bratton
Bob Bunch & Bette Large
Steve Driska
Larry Norfleet
Jim & Karen Shock
James Strub
Mountain Chalet
Saturday Knights
T. Rowe Price
Barr Trail Donation Tube

Lilly Blase
Tom & Martie Cinnamon
Cristina Corpuz
Jason Doedderlein
David Dombach
Carol & Chuck Donachy
Robert Dotson
John Ellis
Julie Fox
Henry Guzman
Sharon Hale
Anne Han
Tom Jagger
Dale Kemmerer
Lee Milner
Eric Mis
Michael Moerk
Brian Mullin
Karin Payne
Chloe and Craig Rose
Jonathan Schoell
Joyce Soules
Shanti & Coreen Toll
Trinity Brewing

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