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Walking activates all of our senses
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Ron Strickland, in "Pathfinder"
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2014 PROJECTS -- We're in high gear!
   On Saturday, 31 May, the Pikes Peak Cog Railway is saving 15 seats to take volunteers to the Mountain View station.  Then the volunteers will walk over to Barr Trail and work to improve the trail near Barr Camp.  That area is hard to reach for a typical project day.  This is a great way to be able to work there.  We appreciate the Cog's generous offer.  Some spots are still available.  This is a project you won't want to miss.
   Several organizations in the Pikes Peak region are coming together to help build the Iron Mountain Trail, an important link for the Intemann Trail and Ring the Peak.  Work days are scheduled May through July this year.  Sunday, 22 June, is the project day that Friends of the Peak is leading.  You can be part of completing this trail link from Manitou Springs to Colorado Springs, something envisioned for some thirty years.  (See update article below.)
   Friends of the Peak continues its tradition of Thursday projects this year on Seven Bridges Trail and Saint Mary's Falls Trail.  Projects for both these trails start off from the 4-way parking lot at the intersection of North Cheyenne Canyon Road, Gold Camp Road, and High Drive -- so there's no worries about where to go if you want to volunteer on an alternate Thursday.  Seven Bridges Trail had some damage from the September storms.  Volunteers will work to repair that damage, and also work on other needs identified last year.  Once work on Seven Bridges is done, the projects will shift to the Saint Mary's Falls Trail.  If you have some time on a Thursday and would like to join in helping us on these popular trails, check the website schedule and see if we're on for that Thursday.
   South Slope isn't open yet, but Friends of the Peak and our volunteers are helping prepare the trails for when it will be open.  Work started on South Slope in 2010.  This year, volunteers will help widen and improve the trails to Mason Reservoir and around McReynolds Reservoir.  We have two weekend projects, Saturday and Sunday, 28-29 June and 19-20 July.  You can volunteer for Saturday, Sunday, or both.  Although Friends of the Peak is not organizing camping this year, volunteers are welcome to camp on their own in dispersed camp sites in the national forest land along the road to South Slope.  You will be helping to prepare the trails for the much anticipated opening of South Slope.
   Friends of the Peak also has projects coming up in August and September on the Elk Park Knoll Trail, the summit trail from The Crags through Devil's Playground, an Incline project with Incline Friends, and more projects on Barr Trail.  You can learn more about these projects on our website.  On the Projects page you can register for a project and also learn more about it.  The Projects page has buttons on the right side, labeled with the trail name, that lead to descriptions for the projects on those trails.  Once you decide when and where you want to volunteer, you can register with the form on the same page.  We need to have a general idea of how many people to expect, to ensure we have enough tools and crew leaders and snacks afterwards.  So we really appreciate it when you register beforehand.
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    On Saturday, 10 May 2014, approximately thirty volunteers took part in another successful workday on the Incline.  Hosted by Friends of the Peak and the Incline Friends, this group of volunteers included many Incline enthusiasts and a large group of troops from Fort Carson who jumped (not by parachute) at the opportunity to help out the local community.
    We set out to have a fun and enjoyable workday to take care of several ongoing maintenance issues on and around the Incline.  Crews of volu
nteers successfully cleaned off dirt and gravel
sloughing onto and covering the tread in
an area around the lower saddles on the
Incline (photo). The removal recovered
a foot or more of tread-width along a
100-foot-long section below the second
saddle, which, combined with last year's
gain of approximately two feet on the
tread edge below the first saddle,
provides hikers with a consistently wider

and more usable Incline trail.
    We also implemented lots of effective closures to the social trails around the main parking area by reseeding and replanting in the worn areas.  As a reminder, please stay on marked and authorized trails, thus limiting damage to the natural habitat and providing a good example for others.
    In the lower and middle basins above the parking a
rea, we implemented some much needed erosion mitigation and damage repair, drainage improvements, and social trail closure in critically eroded areas.  These issues had a high potential for causing more damage in the future.  An added benefit of this work is the further obscuring of some older, well-established but dangerous social routes.
    We also took the opportunity to repair some degraded and missing steps at the base of Barr Trail, right at the trail head.  More work on this is planned for the future.  Working on such a busy trail section is always quite a tricky task -- and very entertaining.  Thanks to all the Barr Trail and Incline hikers who accommodated our invasive work and provided us with much appreciation and encouragement.
    Friends of the Peak wants to give a BIG THANK YOU to all of our awesome volunteers:  we appreciate your hard work and dedication. 
    We want to give a special heartfelt BIG THANK YOU to Master Sergeant Jack Robison for helping to coordinate the event and for his tireless work throughout the workday.


     The Iron Mountain connection between
     the two parts of the Intemann Trail is
     coming along very nicely.  As of Saturday
     17 May, the segment from Crystal Park
     Road over to the infamous knoll is complete to the existing road that eventually will connect to Pawnee Avenue.  The photos above show this work just before completion.
   On Sunday the 18th a crew began work
from Pawnee avenue southeast over to

the base of the steep section, at the
top of which it will connect to the upper

completed segment.  Photo at right.
   There are stunning views, in many
directions.  This new connection ensures
that the Intemann Trail will become an
even more popular trail than it has been
for so many years.
   There will be more workdays.  One of
them, 22 June, is an FOTP workday, for
which you can sign up on the website.
For other workdays you can sign up by
going to
   The Barr Trail Mountain Race and the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon are long-time supporters of Friends of the Peak.  They both need volunteer support for their races.
   Barr Trail Mountain Race needs volunteers on race day, 13 July, for set up, clean up, and other needs.  Contact is:
   The Ascent and Marathon, 16-17 August, has more needs, both before and during the races.  Contact is:
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