Trail Between Frosty Park and Bear Creek

Note: U.S. Forest Service plans to reroute portions of this segment in 2016, August thru September.  Parts of 666, 667, and 668 will be rerouted as part of the Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Project.

This trail segment is about 6.3 miles long.  The trail begins at the north end of Frosty Park and follows Foresters Trail (FS trail 701).  It quickly reaches an intersection and turns right to follow the Pipeline Trail (FS 668) to the junction with Seven Bridges Trail (FS 622).  At this point, stay left and follow FS 668 to Jones Park.  After
crossing a stream on a wooden bridge you are on FS 667.  The Ring goes right, east, down FS 667, along Bear Creek.  Several social trails can be confusing here.  Unless you are familiar with the area, be sure to carry a map and compass.  Follow FS 667 downstream until it meets FS 666.  Do not follow FS 667 across the stream on the wooden bridge.  Instead, continue straight down FS 666 to High Drive.  Go left on High Drive about 0.3 miles to Portal 10. 

Motorized Vehicles: The portion of this segment between Portal 9 (Frosty Park) and Buckhorn Trail turnoff, where FS 667 meets FS 666, is open to motorcycles and snowmobiles.

View driving instructions to Portal 9 and to Portal 10.

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