Trail Between Raspberry
and Horsethief Park

This 4.7 mile section of the trail begins by following the Crags Road (Forest Service Rd. 383).  If you are starting a counterclockwise hike at Raspberry portal you might want to drive to the end of the road. Do not turn into the Crags campground, but continue on to the end of the road. From the end of the road, a trail takes you over a ridge into Putney Gulch.  After crossing a stream you cross another ridge into Horsethief Park and to trail 708. 

A side trail with access from the parking lot on Crags Road, FS 383, and also from the end of the road through the Crags campground (FS 383.A) takes you to the Crags, a collection of beautiful rock formations. 

Motorized Vehicles: This segment from Portal 5 to the end of the Crags Road is open to motor vehicles.

View driving instructions to Portal 5 and to Portal 6.

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