Trail Between Catamount Ranch
and Raspberry (on the Crags Rd.)

This 5.3 mile section of the trail begins as you pass through the gate (Portal 4a) and turn right on the Limber Pine Trail.  When you reach the Catamount Trail (a service road), turn right along North Catamount Creek.  (This road is closed to private motor vehicles.)  In about 1.75 miles you leave the service road and pick up an old logging road heading east.  At approximately 3.75 miles you pass through a meadow.  Watch for another old road/trail branching off to the south. Follow this until you come to a trail branching to the right.  This trail brings you out on the road to the Crags halfway between the Mennonite Camp and the Crags Campground.  The portion of this segment from Portal 4 to the road to the scout camp is part of the North Slope Recreation Area and closed in the winter season, about November through April. 

Alternatively you may enter the Ring through Portal 4c by following the blue trail, which is part of the Catamount Ranch trail system.

View driving directions to Portal 4 and to Portal 5.

Trail Segment 4-5
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