Trail Between Catamount Reservoir
and Catamount Ranch

The first 2.4 miles of this 2.9 mile section of the trail follows Colorado Springs Water Department service road (signed Catamount Trail).  This road is closed to private motor vehicles.  It follows a ridge to the north of the reservoir and affords beautiful views of the reservoir, Pikes Peak, the Crags and Raspberry Mountain.  (Hikers may avoid most of the road by following the Mackinaw and Mule Deer Trails that begin at the north end of the dam.  See map.)  At about 2.4 miles you leave the service road and follow the Limber Pine Trail, which stays on the same ridge you have been hiking, until you reach the gate to the Catamount Ranch and Portal 4.  At the western end of this segment you connect to the Elder-Fehn trail.  This entire segment is in the North Slope Recreation Area and subject to closure during the winter season, approximately October to April – check the Colorado Springs Parks and Rec web page or Colorado Springs Utilities web page for exact dates. 

View driving instructions to Portal 4 and Portal 3.

Trail Segment 3-4
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3-4 Profile

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