Trail Between Bear Creek and Manitou Springs

This 10 mile section of the trail goes along the Palmer Red Rock Trail and the Intemann Trail.  Going northeast from Bear Creek portal, look for a trail off High Drive on your left. Take this trail.  In about 1/2 mile, go straight at intersections with closed trails.  Follow the main trail; go right at the fork at the turn for Crystal Park.  The fork is before the top of a ridge where the trail turns left to go down in Section 16 / Red Rock open space.  Continue on the main trail to the intersection with the Intemann Trail.  Turn left on the Intemann Trail.  Follow the main Intemann Trail. The trail crosses Crystal Park Road, with a slight jog downhill, and crosses Pawnee Avenue.  The trail on the west side of Pawnee is slightly downhill of the trail on the east side.  The crossing on Crystal Park Road is about 1.5 miles from Manitou Avenue and just below the gate on Crystal Park Road.  The crossing on Pawnee is about .5 mile from Manitou Avenue.  The trail goes to Spring Street, then on a short section of trail to the Manitou Springs trailhead.

Motorized Vehicles: The portion on Spring Street in Manitou Springs is open to motor vehicles.

View driving instructions to Portal 1 and to Portal 10.

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