The Raspberry Mountain trail begins at the Raspberry trailhead for Ring the Peak on the Crags road (FS 383), about half a mile past the Mennonite camp.  The trail follows the Ring the Peak trail for about 1.5 miles, then turns left onto an old jeep road (blocked by posts), climbs steeply to the ridge, turns right at a junction of old roads, then follows old roads and a fairly clear trail around the summit and finally to a path up onto the summit rockpile.  Total round-trip distance is 4.8 miles, 1500' of total elevation gain.

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Raspberry Mountain Trail

Raspberry Mountain elevation profile

Forest Service closed the traditional trailhead for Raspberry Mountain, by the Mennonite camp, in June 2016, because vehicles parked there blocked access for the Mennonite camp and because portions of the trail were on private property.  The new trailhead has more parking and the new route is completely in national forest.