Raspberry Trail

This trail starts on the Crags Road, Forest Service 383, and connects to a jeep road, Forest Service 385, behind the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp.  The jeep road leads to North Slope Recreation Area and Catamount Ranch.  This link in the Ring the Peak trail system provides a way for hikers and bikers to go all the way from the Crags area to Chipita Park.

Friends of the Peak built the Raspberry Trail completely with volunteers, as part of the Ring the Peak trail system.  Work began in 2003 and completed in July 2004.  Friends of the Peak held about 4 weekend projects each year, working to close the northwest gap in the Ring.  When work finished on the Raspberry connector, projects shifted to the next segment to construct, on the other side of the Crags Road, to Putney Gulch.

In 2015, Friends of the Peak returned to the Raspberry Trail.  It was generally holding up well, but a two switchbacks near the trailhead were breaking down.  Volunteers widened and leveled the corners and built rock walls to support the switchbacks.  Farther from the trailhead, the volunteers worked on erosion problems and rebuilt short sections of trail.