Putney Gulch Trail

Friends of the Peak constructed this trail as a connecting link in the Ring the Peak trail system.  The Putney Gulch Trail connects Forest Service road 383 to Forest Service trail #704, that is, it connects the Crags road to Horsethief Park.  This trail not only closed a gap in the Ring, but also provides an official, easy to follow route between the Crags area and Horsethief Park, something that people had wanted for years.

Friends of the Peak built this trail completely with volunteers.  Work started in August 2004, after another connecting link, by Raspberry Mountain, was completed.  Construction continued through 2005 and 2006, with about 4 weekend projects each year.  The link was completed in 2006, including a signboard at the trailhead, installed by Forest Service.  Friends of the Peak then started improving the existing lower trail from the end of the Crags road to the newly constructed trail, and had 3 weekend (2 day) projects in 2007.