Roger Austin counted the railroad ties on the Incline in early August 2015.  Here's his report:

Lots of folks ask how many ties are on the Incline. Well that number can vary depending on how you count them I suppose, and definitely changes because some ties come loose and are pushed to the side, while others are secured back in place by good Samaritans. I've counted the ties dozens of times since it first reopened, documenting the numbers between notable markers (drain pipes/grates). Below are the numbers for everyone to count, verify or dispute--enjoy! As of yesterday, 2,718 total ties, with 1,764 ties to the bail trail and another 347 to the last new drain grate before the false summit-- (add about 30 more to false summit--no distinguishable marker; 377 total from bail trail). 607 ties from the last drain grate just below the false summit to the top.

Bare spot by wienie trail 395
No Trespass sign 188
Old drain pipe 365
Bottom of split ties 231
Top of split ties 90
Old drain pipe 27
Old drain pipe 34
Old drain pipe 226
1st new metal grate 41
2nd new metal grate 65
3rd new metal grate 26
4th new metal grate 21
5th new metal grate 7
6th new metal grate 17
Bail Trail 31
7th new metal grate 14
8th new metal grate 36
9th new metal grate 23
10th new metal grate 22
11th new metal grate 15
12th new metal grate 30
13th new metal grate 17
14th new metal grate 36
15th new metal grate 93
16th new metal grate 61
1st old drain pipe 80
2nd old drain pipe 34
3rd old drain pipe 35
4th old drain pipe 23
5th old drain pipe 59
6th old drain pipe 73
7th old drain pipe 44
8th old drain pipe 102
9th old drain pipe 73
Top 84
Total ties: 2,718

Few other numbers...
90 steps on the split ties, (11 on there are full wide ties, so 79 actual split ties). 31 narrow ties just before the bail trail. 93 narrow ties on the long section above the bail trail, (52 of which are old ties, 42 new). 16 new metal drain grates (5 before the bail trail, 10 after). 9 old drain pipes above the false summit.

Roger has also counted the ties after the first repair (December 2014) and found 2,743, and before the second repair (August 2016) counted 2,616 ties.  Maintenance matters!