Elk Park Trail

The Elk Park Trail, Forest Service trail 652, has a trailhead off the Pikes Peak Highway above Glen Cove and connects to Barr Trail.

Friends of the Peak had 3 volunteer days in 2008 to address some issues on the Elk Park Trail.  The trail had been badly damaged from excessive water draining from the Pikes Peak Highway.  Volunteers and, on one of the project days, students from UCCS, worked in a few areas of the trail to re-establish the tread of the trail and to create outflow so that water would drain off the trail rather than accumulate on it.  Since then, the Pikes Peak Highway has been working to address issues of storm water draining off the highway.  But the highway is not the only source of rapidly flowing water and other causes of damage to the trail, and the trail still has some problems that need to be resolved.  In 2013, volunteers worked on one of these, building a retaining wall to support and stabilize the trail where it crosses a gully.  In 2015, volunteers widened a narrow section of trail across a gully, and also improved drainage on the trail near the trailhead.