Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail (Jones Park Trail), Forest Service trail #666, starts at High Drive and connects to Forest Service trail #667.  While to a hiker it feels like it is relentlessly up, it provides good views and connections to many other trails.  

In 2012, wildlife biologists decided that Bear Creek was home to the sole remaining population of greenback cutthroat trout.  Forest Service began the Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Project to protect the greenbacks.  In 2016, Forest Service and El Paso County began rerouting and closing trails in the Bear Creek watershed.  Much of trail 666 remained in the plan, but part of the upper trail was slated to close and a new trail near Mount Buckhorn connected 666 over to Seven Bridges Trail, 622, and the closed section of Gold Camp Road. 

Friends of the Peak worked to improve the drainage and stability of this trail for three years, in 2003, 2004, and 2005, with about 10 project days each year.  Work started at the trailhead and continued on the non-motorized section of the trail, to the junction with trail #667.  Work also included replacing two of the bridges across Bear Creek.