Friends of the Peak Monthly Board Meeting

6:30 p.m., Pikes Peak room, City Hall, Kiowa at Nevada

September 13th, 2016



Paul Mead

Steve Bremner

Jenny Sullivan

Alex Sullivan

Craig Mounts

Mark Freeland

Approval of Minutes from Prior Meeting-unanimously approved.


Current accounts and recent transactions-CD will be maturing. Alex and Brian will be transferring this together to UMB.

Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon-Check to Susan for board and table snacks.

Alex will pay KC lumber for Barr Trail.

Outreach Update

El Pomar Millennial Event-Spoke with Luis Benitez and got his contact info. He recommends that we invite Reps from Victor and Cripple Creek to our annual party to build relationships. Paul has since heard from Luis and he is unable to attend/speak at our party. Daniel Pond was present at the Meeting standing by this conversation with Luis and he offered to help reach out to reps from these places. His info is 719-339-2322 and

Neal Schuerer (719) 357-6354 with Pikes Peak Range Riders expressed interest in attending our party as well. He would like to grow a relationship with our organization and we would love this as well.

Ascent Marathon-limited interest in passers by as many of them are not local. We do like to support this group however.

Fall “Meeting”- Oscar Martinez with the Forest Service would be a great choice of speaker at our meeting. Zach Miller who is caretaker at Barr Camp who just ran the UTMB. Paul will reach out to these people. Mark has reached out to Texas Roadhouse and has reserved them as caterers for Nov. 12 for 50 people and we can update that as needed. We would like to have 1 drink per person and hand out drink tickets.

Paul and Mark have both posted info and pics to facebook and the group has not seen this show up.

Review of outreach plans, short-term and long-term

Immediate (4-6 weeks) action items

Web-site Maintenance

Paul spoke to Carol and website maintenance and facebook will be taken over by Craig. He will send list to Carol about any further info he needs.

Bear Creek

There has been some dissonance in the community regarding the planned route by Forest Service which was posted in the Gazette. The trail builders found the route to be problematic to build. Paul and Harry Hamill from Medicine Wheel have offered to help make recommendations for the North side of the mountain trail. There is a round table tomorrow at Bear Creek Nature Center at 6:30 to discuss this.

Project Readiness

The CC project had some difficult weather.

RTP Update

GOCO Planning Grant-Grant request went in today. We should know by December if we will get it. We have letters of support from many of our supporting groups. The City of Colorado Springs will administer this grant and organization of work and monies if this grant is approved.

Colorado Open Space Advocates-Paul and Bill Koerner went to Estes Park to Colorado Open Space Conference. They had a break out discussing RTP and discussed this with a new group of outdoor enthusiasts.

Action Item Review

From 9/13/16


Reach out to Daniel Pond and Neal Shuerer, contacts from El Pomar Event.

Speak Oscar and Zack regarding speaker for Banquet


Help Brian haul logs

Get CD transferred to UMB

Pay KC lumbar for Barr trail supplies


Haul logs with Alex


Send email to Carol regarding any existing info for website/facebook management


Paul will ask Louis Benitez if he would speak at our end of year party.

Paul will reach out to Carol, Jim, and Craig to arrange a face to face meeting about social media and website access.

Work the Ascent Table Friday 8/19/16

Arrange Pick up and drop off for tools for CC work day


Brian will contact Pikes Peak National Bank to get CD transferred to UMB

Brian will turn in receipts to Alex for reimbursement.

Work the ascent table Friday and Saturday 8/19-20.


Work the Ascent table Thursday 8/17.

Help Brian haul logs


Work the Ascent table Thursday 8/17, Pick up table décor etc.

Brainstorm ideas with Jenny for button décor

Help haul tools for CC work day


Book GOTG Trading Post with Bartender.

Brainstorm button ideas with Susan


Work with Brian to plan AdAmAn work day.


Button/swag ideas

Make new flyer

Email blasts

Mark will follow up with the vertical banner and help get this ordered.



Craig proposes an idea that we could swap donations for sponsorship on our website. There could be a link on our website to invite people or companies to be sponsors. They could also place their logo at the bottom of our emails.

Craig also recommends panoramic photos for our facebook posts due to high engagements with those posts. He will help us with a how to to better use facebook.

Snapchat has an option to “Geofence” so that our logo would show up on that picture.

Meetup for our trail groups.