Friends of the Peak

Board Meeting Minutes


September 9th, 2014


--Attendance: Carol Beckman, Brian Van Valkenburg, Steve Bremner, Susan Jarvis-Weber


--August minutes approved


--Financials – nothing new to report


--Dates for upcoming activities


-         Oct 7 -- Tread Lightly (Leave no Trace Training)

o      Location, 1401 Recreation Way, Parks and Rec

o      Market to crew leaders

o      Make sure RMFI helps market it

o      Ask Tilah to advertise on their web site—one site for sign-ups—limit to 40

o      Plan for winter session


-         Oct 25 -- Tool Cleaning

o      Eric’s @10 AM


-         Oct 29 (Wednesday) -- Trinity Giving Beer


 - Nov 8 -- Annual dinner

-         Nov 15 -- Board retreat

o      Jim’s place, 9:00 AM



-         Caterer (Las Casita?)

-         Time, 5:00 PM

 - Speaker-- Don Sanborn, history of skiing on Pikes Peak



--Volunteers and unpaid Board Members are not liable

--Our assets are not tappable

--The extent of our liabilities would be any insurance we had

--We all recommend not carrying insurance, but we are waiting to vote until we have a quorum


--Other previous action items

 - Crowe Gulch connector written agreements (Steve)

 - Col Dept of Revenue tax exempt designation


--Round table

- Susan

—South Slope article in the Gazette—no word from Utilities on completing the road

--RMFI is offering crew leader training tomorrow night, and Susan is attending

--September 20, 21 Shelf Road RMFI appreciation day (work, then barbeque)


-         Steve –proposal to take the RTP process to the next level, with social media, talking to people, engaging the community, more Gazette articles, social media, open space of documentary concept


-         Brian

o      Palmer Land Trust Award Dinner ($75 person) Oct 16th, RSVP by Oct 2

-         Carol

o      $2140 donation from Barr Mountain Trail Race

o      Medicine Wheel proposes reroute around Inteman Trail gully by Crystal Park Road

o      Crags to summit reroute—contact with Forest Service for 14er reroutes, Carol sent email with no response yet.

o      Jones Park disposition, City Council, 5-4 didn’t pass to go to Forest Service—resolution to reconsider in two weeks


- Projects

  - Incline, September 13th, crew leader meeting Thursday, 5:30 PM