Friends of the Peak board meeting minutes October 13, 2015

Friends of the Peak Board Meeting

October 13th, 2015


--Attendance: Susan Jarvis-Weber, Carol Beckman, Brian Van Valkenburg, Steve Bremner, Paul Mead, Bob Bunch, Mark Freeland, Alex and Jenny Sullivan


--Minutes: Last month's meeting minutes (August) are approved


--Financials -- Brian -- "Nothing worth noting--continue to get minor donations but none of our usual fat donations."


--Tool Cleaning -- Oct 24th

            -- Paul, Steve, Brian, Carol and probably Mark and Eric will be there


--Annual Retreat, November 21st or December 12th  @ Jim Strub's house

            --Need to talk about roles and responsibilities (Brian)


--Annual Dinner --Nov 14th

                --Food is coming in from Texas Roadhouse (Mark) suggests we pick it up

            --RSVPs not due until later

            --Board members RSVP-ing, Steve (2), Susan (2), Jenny (1), Paul (1 for now), Jim (1), Carol (2), Bob (2), Brian (1 for now)

            --Caps for 25 volunteers working at least 3 days (Peak Performers) and project partners, like the Cog (Carol will deliver for people not at the dinner)

            --For exceptional service for Mary, Susan suggested a broken McLeod head, mounted on a plaque (clock alternative). Susan and Carol will work on this

            --Slides and tribute video

            --Neal and Teresa's presentation

            --Steve's "Trailblazers: The Story of Ring the Peak" documentary

            --Plaque or framed certificate for Texas Roadhouse helping us with food

            --Still have things to do, but moving forward

            --Susan asks if people know local businesses to ask for "swag" such as REI coupon books, VOC totes, etc.

            --Dessert plate from Picnic Basket -- all in favor unanimous

            --Birthday cake for 40 to 50 people -- Carol will look into King Soopers pricing with frosting of 20th year birthday of FOTP -- Agreed we want a cake, maybe smaller because of Picnic Basket dessert

            --Hours for the bar -- open at 5:30 PM close at 7 PM, dinner @ 5:45 PM

            --5:45 Dinner, 6:15 Recap and awards, 6:45 Neal & Teresa, 7:30 Steve doc, 8:00 PM

--Revised hours from Brian's email

5:30     Doors open, bar opens, social time (photo collage playing in background)

6:00     Dinner buffet starts

6:30     Yearly Recap/awards ceremony (6:25 - start Susan's retrospective video)

7:00     Last call


7:00     Guest speakers - Neal and Theresa Taylor, hosting Barr Camp


7:30     Steve Bremner's Documentary on RTP (13 min's, start a few minutes after whenever Neal and Theresa finish)


7:45     Goodbyes and Thank You's


8:00     Cleanup



            --VOC is sponsoring a gala, "Colorful Colorado" featuring Luis Benitez, of Colorado Recreation Office -- Brian and Susan will attend.

            --Hiking group -- propose doing hikes in addition to working on trails

Round table

            --Paul, Jenny, Alex, and Paul had nothing

            --Mark finished his internship, 169 hours. Wants to foster links between FOTP, Aspen Valley Ranch (AVR), PP CC on AVR trail west of Woodland Park. Thinks it would be an opportunity for college kids to learn how to maintain trails.

            --Susan had three people attend the last Leave no Trace class, small but good

            --Steve mentioned prescribed burn on CSU land this month

            --Brian motioned to bring Mark on as a board member, unanimously approved -- Mark accepted. Congratulations to Mark.

            --Brian said now is the time to think about board retreat topics

            --Carol mentioned three outdoors groups, Outdoor Partners--Colorado Parks and Wildlife initiative (trying to get like minded orgs together), Dave and Anglers Covey (trade initiative, rafting, fishing, Luis Benitez), and Broadmoor El Pomar (Outdoor/tourism meeting this Friday).

            --Carol submitted Ring the Peak for the governor's 16 trail gaps, went to Parks Board Ute Pass approval session, they voted yes and looks like it will pass with County Commissioners today.

            -- CS Parks and Rec wants to reduce its role in crew leader training so TOSC and RMFI are talking about taking the administrative tasks.