Friends of the Peak

Board Meeting Minutes


October 14th, 2014


--Attendance: Carol Beckman, Brian Van Valkenburg, Steve Bremner, Paul Mead, Bob Bunch, Susan Jarvis-Weber


--September minutes approved


--Financials – nothing new to report


--Voted in Susan Jarvis-Webster to the board, 4-0


--Dates for upcoming activities


-         Oct 25 -- Tool Cleaning

o      Eric’s 745 Panorama Drive @10 AM


-         Oct 29 (Wednesday) 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM -- Trinity Giving Beer

o      Jim needs to send out email to our distro

o      Ask TOSC to send email


-         Nov 8 -- Annual dinner, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, 4255 Sinton Road, 5:30 PM

o      Food—Garden of the Gods Gourmet

o      Photo display/slide show—Brian 

o      Speaker-- Don Sanborn, history of skiing on Pikes Peak


-         Nov 15 -- Board retreat

o      Jim’s place, 9:00 AM


--Dick Bratton is asking for our support with the American Discovery Trail

          -- Question raised, is it legal?


- Crowe Gulch connector written agreements (Steve)

-         Received email response from the Manitou Reservoir caretaker, Steve Ream that they couldn’t give permission, but that they had no objections to hikers/bikers

-         Received an email and a letter from Jack Glavan, saying that Pikes Peak America's Mountain, which manages the Pikes Peak Highway, concurs with using the Crowe Gulch parking lot for the Severy Creek Trail and will install a pedestrian crossing if/when the Crowe Gulch connector to Severy is completed.

-         Paul will contact CSU for opinion on use of first half mile of road

-         Steve will ask for letter from Manitou Springs stating no objection

-         Paul Mead hiked with Brent Botts, Lee Milner, Kent Osler, and Carol Beckman along the road last weekend – Brent recommended asking the district ranger to set up an account for donations toward the environmental assessment for Severy Creek and the other trails in the area needed for the Ring.


- National Scenic Trail designation for RTP, under the Park Service

-         Quite a few employees dedicated to this department


- Carol and Paul hiked with the 14er POC for USFS, Loretta McEllhiney (see 22 Sep 2014 email from Carol, subject: 14er ranger and Crags)

-         Reroute Crags, bring RMFI into it, since they’re the experts on above tree-line trail work

-         To get movement on Crags to Summit, ask organizations to send letters of support as second measure—first line of attack is to round up support and go to the forest service


- Oscar Martinez is the new USFS District Ranger


-- Colorado liability statutes

          --Probably immune and risk is low

          --Voted 6-0 not to get insurance


--Susan feedback on her Leave no Trace class

          --Early in spring and once in fall for volunteers

          --Recommends once per year for crew leaders

          --Lee Ritenmeyer would handle high school students

          --Jesse Watkins, Catamount Institute would possibly be candidate for teaching the class


--Round table

          -- Paul – nothing

          -- Bob – Bear Creek watershed new proposed trail system—moved motorcycles off the 7 Bridges Trail—concern about where motorcycles will go

-         Susan – nothing

-         Steve – RMFI trail work on the first three miles of Barr is a mixed bag after the last big rain, especially where the Incline social trails drain down on to the Barr Trail

-         Brian – push Amazon Smile for trickle donations; Super Friends meeting—revised contact list; they revised our mission statement—not good

-         Carol—has gone to CSU and City Council to speak in favor of transferring Jones Park to the USFS to no avail—looks like it’s going to El Paso County—Iron Mountain installed signs for RTP—John Etzel is interested in marketing on line—talked about some things for the web site (metanames)—web site topo maps, descriptions, software for the maps discussion with Eric—Jim would like to look at alternatives such as Google Maps; Carol talked to Rebecca who is now with Palmer Land Trust about help with RTP—the position is not filled now, but once she hires someone then they can help


-         Projects

o      Eagle project replacing rails up to the fourteenth switchback—used all the rails, still six posts

o      Facebook page—Steve will try to figure out how to give Susan permissions to post albums