Friends of the Peak Board Minutes: May 10, 2016

Friends of the Peak Monthly Board Meeting

6:30 p.m., Pikes Peak room, City Hall, Kiowa at Nevada

May 10th, 2016


Paul Mead

Brian Van Valkenburg

Steve Bremner

Jenny Sullivan

Susan Jarvis-Weber

Approval of Minutes from Prior Meeting-unanimously approved.


·         Current accounts and recent transactions- Infront acct is updated

·         Paul brought letters/donations/Acct statements to pass along to Alex

Outreach Update

·         Review of outreach plans, short-term and long-term

·         Immediate (4-6 weeks) action items

·         El Pomar event

·         Google Trekkar-Alex spoke with Reg today. Reg still has not heard back from Google. He will be calling the Boulder office to see if there is anyone he can contact to get feedback.

·         Google Grant-Application is in. Working with Craig Mounts for next steps on Search Engine Optimization and AdWords.

·         T-Shirts-Ordered, should be in by middle to late next week. Alex will pick them up, who should they be delivered to?

·         El Pomar Event- This Friday. Alex is attending, Paul is speaking. Anybody else going? Where is the FOTP banner? (Alex can pick it up for the event). (we should print schedules at Kinkos / have the magnets there). Do we have left over stickers from last year? Paul would like flyers, magnets, stickers, he will bring Ring the Peak banner. Steve will bring laptop for his video. For Flyers: it has schedule, photos. It can be used at the race, other business events, can be dropped off at coffee shops etc. We need to find out who is our contact at City Print Shop. Ron Ilgen stated if we get him electronic copy of flyer he will include it in the Race Packet for Pikes Peak Marathon. Paul will ask Jim to put together flyler and Brian will print them off. Jenny will send out trail schedule with minutes.

·         Susan would like to set up guided hikes for our volunteers on days like National Trails Day, Black Friday, etc. Paul states we should check with Sue or Tammy from Forest Service. Susan will put together a proposal focusing on a few trails in National Forest and Paul will send it along to them.

·         Susan would like to send out E-cards for Holiday's to our volunteers in our email list. Jim has the email list. If we send him our email send outs he will send them out.

·         Susan would like to have gift at the end of the year to be a calendar with pictures of the workday.

·         Schedule location for the end of the year party. We also need to get speakers lined up. We should keep it under 2 hours. We send invites to people who donate or volunteer.

·         Susan would like to print up a donation appreciation letter that they can use for their records. It is part of the treasurer's duty to do this for them. This will also be used for the companies that donate swag for us.

·         Paul states we will work on a budget for the end of the year party and we can find new ideas for gifts. Considering getting premier swag like Jackets.

Outreach action items:

                -Electronic Flyers for holidays etc

                -End of the year party location, speakers

                -Donation letter

                -Electronic media

                -Content for the Sandwich board

                -Get together to discuss new Swag

Project Readiness

·         Info sheets-Brian sent these this afternoon. We need to send a short blurb to TOSC for their webpage. Brian will send these.

·         Brian will prepare directions to various trails for workdays.

RTP Update

·         CPW bighorn presentation- Brian Dreher and Julie Stiver Consider this group for speakers for events or the end of the year event as they put together an excellent presentation. They were pleased with the route we proposed and they are supportive. They would like a formal proposal for where we are planning to put the trail and they will evaluate it.

·         Susan questions about finding groups that might set up races etc on RTP so that we can gain enthusiasm and partners. Paul and Steve add that there are organizations already expressing interest and they are keeping a pulse on that.

·         We have send maps to Cripple Creek and Victor for them to fill in where they would like to see the trail go and they are supposed to return it by 5/21. They seem to be showing interest and support.

Crew Leader Training

                35/35 people in attendance graduated. There has been a traffic jam on certifying some of these volunteers due to volume.  Feedback was great from the surveys.

USFS Recreation Planner Started

                Tambi started and Paul met with her last week. He shared with her our mission, our projects, what we hope to accomplish. We are getting info emails from her as well.

Microsoft Access Conversion

                We need someone who can run this for our database. It is so old that it will not transfer to new format. Denise found a person who will convert this for us for $75. Paul proposes up to $100 for this to be done and it was unanimously voted on. We now are official customers of Microsoft so we can use their link for service requests. Paul will try to get this conversion through them, otherwise he will hire this out.


Action Item Review


Action Items Assigned 5/10/16


1)      Paul will send service request for Microsoft Access through Microsoft, otherwise we will hire this done.

2)      Paul will request 2016 Flyer from Jim.

3)      Bring Ring The Peak banner for table to El Pomar Event.

4)      Invite Diane from Youth Corp to next Board Meeting.


1)      Reach out to prospective new member Priscilla Clayton.


1)      Brian will send short summary of Project notes to TOSC to include on their webpage.

2)      Brian will print flyers.


1)      Type up short proposal for FOTP Guided Hikes

2)      Bring table cloths to El Pomar event. Get table banner from Brian and old swag.

3)      Print small flyers to advertise Steve's movie on Monday.

4)      Susan will put Manitou Shuttle Schedule link on our FB page.


1)      Bring laptop in case it is possible to show video at El Pomar.

Outreach action items:

1)      -Electronic Flyers for holidays etc

2)      -End of the year party location, speaker

3)      -Donation letter

4)      -Electronic media

5)      -Content for the Sandwich board

6)      -Get together to discuss new Swag



Action items assigned on 4/12/16


1)      Order tshirts

2)      Adjust font on magnet and order. Brian volunteered to have them shipped to him so that they may be available for the crew leader training.


1)      Check on roll up banner cost and design


1)      Send Alex footage for the Java with Jillian video.


1)      Meet with Craig Mounts to discuss methods of improvement.

2)      Check on Paypal funds getting switched into our acct.

3)      Alex will reach out to Carol for plan for backing up computers.

4)      Alex will order sandwich board and get info box. Alex will check with City Print shop to get wire yard sign.



Jenny will contact neighbor Priscilla Clayton to ask if she is interested in being board member.

Susan would like to have our "job titles" on the website. She would like to have them also on our business cards. She will send request to Brian to get more printed for her. Susan has an LNT class coming up on 5/27/16. Paul will send invite to Diane with the Youth Corp to attend a board meeting.

Susan would like to prepare another youtube video. We need to decide our direction.

Steve went up Barr Trail and RMFI was doing work.

Brian brought a flyer of Manitou Shuttle Schedule. Susan will put a link on our facebook.

Susan will bring table cloths and Brian will get her the banner for the El Pomar event. Susan will print a flyer for the table to advertise Steve's video on Monday.

Paul will get flyers from Jim.

Cheyenne Mountain State Park is working on Dixon Trail and they are looking for Crew Leaders.