Friends of the Peak Board Minutes: March 8, 2016

Friends of the Peak Minutes

6:30 p.m., Pikes Peak room, City Hall, Kiowa at Nevada

March 8th, 2016


Board Attendance:

Alex Sullivan, Jenny Sullivan, Steve Bremner, Brian VanValkenburg, Paul Mead, Susan Jarvis-Webber, Mark Freeland


Craig Mounts

Google Grant

·         Craig Mounts- Guest who has his own start up company Classy Brain who would like to provide Pro Bono work for Friends of the Peak.

o        As a 5013-c we could apply for a "Google grant". We could get $10,000 per month from Google. Google offers this as it is a tax credit for them. Craig would work with Google to apply for us, it would then take at least 48 hrs to 2 weeks for Google to do an IRS check etc to ensure FOTP qualifies. Craig would help us build links within Google search so that a keyword phrase to help optimize our searchability. Craig would need our help in the application process and we would approve our ads, however he would provide the work hours to help choose our keywords.

·         Brian suggested words such as "volunteer" and "maintenance" as they would eliminate outfitters and companies that would be high competition. Susan added "crew leader" and "tread restoration" would be great words..

·         Craig states doing this for us would help his marketability for his new start up business called Classy Brain. Additionally, he likes our program.. He states there are other facets of "digital marketing" that we could eventually benefit from. It is a way of gaining visibility and re-directing traffic to our website then making our website as user friendly as possible. He is interested in helping with our website. Paul will send our volunteers who are currently maintaining the website a virtual introduction to Craig to get them in touch.

Approval of Minutes from Prior Meeting

Brian would like Jenny to put "minutes" in the title for future minutes. We added the list of partners in the last minutes. Minutes from Feb meeting were unanimously approved. Paul asked Steve how we are distributing the minutes to the public. We will revisit how to distribute them at a later time.


·  Current accounts and recent transactions-

Brian shared a donation from Mike Scott with Alex that was deposited by Brian previous to the transition. Alex will send Mike a thank you note.


·  Status of treasurer transition- Alex has the accounts in his possession, but Brian and Alex have not switched the name on the checks due to a plan to propose we move our accounts to UMB. Alex would like to propose switching our accounts to UMB Bank. Benefits include free transactions, they have an online banking program, we would continue to have same benefits as previous, there can be 2 people on the accounts (Alex and Paul), and it is easier for Alex to make these transactions. Downsides would include the hassle of moving the accounts. Paul seconds the proposal and it was a unanimous decision to move the transition of the accounts to UMB. Alex will switch accounts to UMB and update our "auto-pay" accounts such as the storage unit to continue these accounts.

Project Readiness

·         Brian will be taking on the Project Info Sheets for the projects. Brian will also create a project description that will be published and placed on the web. If we feel that our web managers should be involved in discussions, we will ask them to attend a meeting.

·         Cog Railway will transport CC students down from Mountain View 28-Aug. We got approval from Cog railway to transport students down. They will be dropped off by CC vans at the summit and they will hike down.

·         Bear Creek Project and Trout Unlimited-There is grant money that they are looking to spend and it was suggested that they partner with us for this restoration project. Allyn Kratz is the contact. Paul will touch base with him when we do the scout for the Bear Creek Restoration project.

·         Brian inquires about a candidate for crew leader training. Brian would like a quality candidate and prepare to move them forward for the training. We have 2 slots, one of which Carol has a candidate for. Brian would like to send a targeted email to our database to fill this second space. Paul will contact Denise Downs to send this email.

Operating Plan

Paul has approval from everyone except Oscar as he is out of town to approve our operating plan. After receiving this signature.

§         Paul will let us know when we have approval and if there are any changes. We do not anticipate any changes.

§         Outreach

§         Brian will give project descriptions to web manager and put them into a sign up on the web

RTP Update

·         GOCO Grant Request went in today. TOSC put in a request in our name, approved by Paul and Carol.

·         TOSC has set up a meeting with the Town of Victor, Cripple Creek, and Teller County in Victor on 3/21/16 Luis Benitez and Amber from Palmer Land Trust will be present. Carol and Paul will be present.

·         If this gets approved, we will have opportunity to contribute time/volunteership for trail building, however there will need to be some paid trail work as well. We will have opportunities to help fundraise as well.

KXRM Java with Jillian

Alex volunteers to champion this and meet with Jillian. We would like the message to be around volunteerism, satisfaction from volunteering, and direct them to website to sign up. Paul suggests that if we had a media kit, this would be the time to use it. He should get some pictures etc to provide.

Broadmoor Land Swap

TOSC supports it as long as there are enforceable conservation rules. Brian supports their stance. Paul states that gaining the cog property will not be helpful in building a North Return Trail due to steep nature.

Incline North Return Trail

Do we want to be involved? Multiple proposals. Incline Friends has been pursuing the NEPA process. There are some private property owners on Manitou Ave that are willing to work with Incline Friends for trail use and parking lot. The other option is to develop this property. Shanti Toll is trying to gain support to get trail from Top of incline to Manitou Avenue. Helping with this initiative will help relieve stress on Barr Trail which is relevant to us. We plan to verbally support this initiative this year and plan to physically support this next year.

USFS Pikes Peak Ranger District Recreation Planner

They are supposed to get a Rec planner in the next several months and we will reach out to them.

State Trails Meeting

Paul was in attendance at this meeting and Ring the Peak was brought up several times throughout the meeting. Paul brought to the attention of the group that these plans involve Federal Land and that we will need to partner with the Forest Service to get this going.

Database Administrator

Denise Downs has volunteered to do database for us. Carol will bring her up to speed. We have no plans to update laptop at this point. Brian suggests we back up our computers several times per year. Swapping flash drives may be an option. Alex will reach out to Carol for back up plan.

Outreach Update

·  Review of outreach plans, short-term and long-term

    • Alex proposed an option for sandwich board that was on sale -Approved for purchase
    • Yard Sale sign, info tubes, and flyer holders found at Hardware store. It would be preferable to get yard sign that is wire and preprinted that can be done at City Sign shop. Alex will check on yard sign. Get an info box at $12.99.

o        Magnets: Jenny will tweak images to get better contrast. Susan suggests doing some in cardstock to hand out 100ct and 40 ct magnets. Susan will send Jenny Pikes Peak images.

o        Happy Hours-Alex has reached out to Ivy wild for Happy Hours and he will accommodate it, Brian suggest May or June would be best. Alex will ask about coupons to hand out at trail days and which days are available. Alex will reach out to Trinity Brewery as well.

o        Alex will brainstorm logos and slogans and group will discuss via email.


·  Immediate (4-6 weeks) action items

·  Craig Mount- Board supports motion for Google Grant. Alex and Susan will reach out to initiate this process.

·  Reg Franklin would like to do virtual tour of Barr Trail with a Trekker camera. This will allow people to do virtual tours of entire trail so people can plan their hike. There would be a huge press release with us leading this initiative. Barriers: we would have to get Grant to get this Trekker, what is liability of having our name attached to Trekker camera. Alex would like proposal contingent upon ensuring we are not responsible for camera and establishing how much involvement we will have and if we will get guaranteed advertising. This will be linked to our group and our website. Group is in support of this initiative. Alex will reach out to Reg and let group know. Paul would like to know if other trails can be fixed on Google and whether or not Barr Trail, Crags trail, and Ring the Peak could eventually be added or fixed on the map.

Action Item Review


1)     Paul will send our volunteers who are currently maintaining the website a virtual introduction to Craig Mounts to get them in touch with one another.

2)     Paul will touch base with Allyn Kratz from Trout Unlimited when we do the scout for the Bear Creek Restoration project.

3)     Paul will contact Denise Downs to send an email to the database to find a second candidate for the crew leader program.

4)     Paul will let us know when we have approval of operation plan and if there are any changes.



1)     Alex will send Mike Scott a thank you note for his donation.

2)     Alex will switch bank accounts to UMB. Alex will update our "auto-pay" accounts such as the storage unit to continue these accounts.

3)     Alex will champion lining up Java with Jillian and will collect pictures and info from Brian and Susan.

4)     Alex will reach out to Carol for plan for backing up computers.

5)     Alex will order sandwich board and get info box. Alex will check with City Print shop to get wire yard sign.

6)     Alex will reach out to Ivy Wild and Trinity to set up Happy hours as well as get coupons.

7)      Alex with the help of Susan will reach out to initiate services from Craig Mounts and Reg Franklin.

8)     Alex will touch base with Carol to determine numbers and company from previous years.


1)     Jenny will work on magnet images and clarity and will get additional images from Susan. Then send back out to group for approval.

2)     Jenny will initiate group email to discuss tshirt designs.



1)     Brian will be taking on the Project Info Sheets for the projects.

2)     Brian will give project descriptions to web manager and put them into a sign up on the web


1)     Susan will share photos with Jenny for magnet

2)     Susan will assist Alex with communicating with Reg and Craig.



Brian suggest we start working on Tshirts.

Alex will speak with Carol to get tshirt numbers. Jenny will initiate a tshirt discussion via email.