Friends of the Peak Board Meeting Minutes March 10, 2015

Friends of the Peak Board Meeting

March 10, 2015


--Last month’s meeting minutes are approved


--Financials – Brian gave it belatedly – “no losses, no gains”


--Ring -- northeast

            -- Several FOTPers attended the Ute Pass Trail planning in Chipita Park

            -- Manitou city council support and the mayor has signed a letter of approval for the Heizer connection, using FR 330 and the Crowe Gulch connector for the RTP trail


Ring – southwest

-- Problem of the letter Mike sent to Victor stating that we wouldn’t go by the Bison Reservoir

o       Paul will draw a big swath on the map south of Bison to meet the letter of Mike’s letter so TOSC has a map to socialize in their efforts to talk to people about the SW side.


--Operating plan

            -- Sue Miller (USFS) has received it and is reviewing. Rick Ellsworth has some comments.

            -- Kurt Schroeder (Parks), Jack Glavan (Pikes Peak Toll Road), and Mark Shea and Andy Funchess (CSU) have signed and approved.


-- Newsletter

            --Once Operating Plan approved we will want a newsletter with volunteer opportunities

            --Mary Burger wrote an article of reminisces, a la 20th Anniversary

                        -- Make her initial reminisces as a springboard to more writings

                        -- Tidbit/teaser for anniversary celebration


-- Fire at our storage unit

            -- Need to do a tool cleaning


-- Table sign, etc.

            -- One affordable option is a single-sided retractable banner for $80; $16 for car door magnets ($32 for two)

            -- Susan will send templates to Carol so she can review

            -- Runner, cloth, magnets, retractable etc. Susan thinks will be about $250


-- Susan mentioned a yearbook possibility from Shutterfly—cost $65 for a photo book hard copy


-- June 6 20th anniversary party

            -- Buffalo Gals, various costings and food choices; on-site cook $25/hour

            -- Location – Bob B. presented a couple options near Starsmore Discovery Center for $125 each; seating for 72 people under shelter;

                        -- Not available on June 6th; change to June 20th?

            -- Balanced Rock Band – acoustic, classic rock – cost unknown

            -- J.M. Smith Band – blues and jazz


-- Leave No Trace

            -- Susan is on for March 26 (TOSC), April in the library, September 17 (TOSC)


-- Crew leader training

            -- Paul has reviewed materials and they’ve cut it back


-- Previous items

-- Dropbox – Tilah is sending links to where people can post things

            -- Youtube, video – Steve’s documentary class is delayed until June (if it’s a go)

            -- Susan found a facility for parties in Cripple Creek that is no cost for non-profits

                        -- She contacted a tourist promoter for Cripple Creek who expressed interest in Friends of the Peak and the Ring the Peak Trail. Carol took her contact info.


-- Mailings – 585 people that we don’t have email addresses for that we would have to send postcards to and ask them for their email addresses

            -- Rick Hessek can print the postcards for $24—postage would be $198.90


-- Round table

            -- Jenny mentioned Rudy’s BBQ as caterer for $10 a head for the party—she has a contact there

            -- Carol gave out stickers