Friends of the Peak Board Minutes: June 14, 2016

Friends of the Peak Monthly Board Meeting

6:30 p.m., Pikes Peak room, City Hall, Kiowa at Nevada

June 14th, 2016



Paul Mead

Brian Van Valkenburg

Steve Bremner

Jenny Sullivan

Alex Sullivan

Susan Jarvis-Weber

Craig Mounts

Approval of Minutes from Prior Meeting-unanimously approved.

Financials-We got $150 donation in the mail. We have not gone to donation tube in awhile. Paul and Alex will go to tube and check tube. Alex will send donation record to Denise and take care of thank yous.

·  Current accounts and recent transactions

Outreach Update

·  Review of outreach plans, short-term and long-term

·  Immediate (4-6 weeks) action items

·  Alex presented option for Sandwich board-We would like and our logo on the flyers. We would also like to change the message on the front of the board to "Like Trails" instead of "Like to Hike" so as not to exclude certain groups. Outreach committee will have a meeting to finalize yard signs and flyers for sandwich board.

·  Group is on board with introducing new swag ideas such as grocery bags, totes and jackets.

·  Consider end of year "meeting" location. Susan will spear head this effort with help from outreach committee and some select volunteers.

·  Continue to explore new swag.

·  Media outlets:

    • KRCC-keep info going to them
    • Colorado Mountain Club: provide them our flyer for their newsletter.
    • QR code and link to donation link-if we can have some stickers etc to put on info tube etc.
    • Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon- get flyers to them
    • Flyers to coffee shops and Mountain Chalet, mountain equipment recyclers, REI, Bristol, Ivywild, Trinity, Coffee Shops. Independent, Outthere Colorado from the Gazette will post for free. Downtown Colorado Springs.

·         Susan brought list for day hikes. We will clarify dates and get them set up for next year.

o        National First Day-Jan 1

o        Open the season with a hike-April, hike the trails we plan to work on that year.

o        Earth Day

o        Colorado Day

o        National Trails Day

o        Black Friday Opt out days

·         We have not heard from Google Grant regarding approval. Craig will gain access to our Gmail in order to get the Add words started.

·         Outreach committee will meet Monday June 20 at noon.

Project Readiness

·         Brian summarizes projects. He has all work plans for St. Mary's and most for Seven Bridges. He is working on notes for Barr Trail. He is going to buy posts for fences. 82 posts and 170 rails.

·         Propose to Ascent and Marathon team for help transporting materials and volunteers to Long's Ranch Road/No Name for a later work day. Ron Elgin is our contact with this group.

·         Crags is difficult to get to now and we are having issues scouting for project notes. Paul can scout this when he scouts below the summit, devils playground, etc.

·         The South Slope opened this weekend, however you must have lift-kit truck to get up there. The Work Day is July 24 and we need a planning hike prior to that day. Susan will be in the South Slope area and can scout the area.

·         Red Rocks Weed Work Day- Carol is working.

·         Project summary: 4 workdays, we have had a lot of progress. Pleased with progress.

RTP Update

·         We asked the groups within the gaps to propose options for which they are okay with. The first proposal was not usable based on limitations from the official agencies and then they offered the highway route that is in existence currently. Bill Kerner is now exploring new trail options, but this will require contacting land owners.

·         El Pomar event went well.

Crags Update

·         Forest service is planning to keep this area closed until the end of the month. If we cannot get access, we will likely have to cancel the work day.

·         If this is canceled we could consider working on 50 yards connecting Garden of Eden trail to Ring the Peak by the reservoirs, this is Forest Service Land and would need approval.


Action Item Review

Microsoft Access is being backed up into Microsoft OneDrive and Denise is getting set up.


1.      Edit the Flyers.

2.      Create a Fotp email address and update the website to include Craig Mounts' info.

3.      Plan hike to donation tube with Alex.

4.      Task for Paul/Brian??-touch base with Ron Elgin/contact from Ascent Marathon group to ask about transporting volunteers/supplies.


1.      Reach out to Erica for more work days and possibly become involved in Board Days.

2.      Plan hike to donation tube with Alex.

3.      Send record of donations to Denise and continue to send Thank You's.


1.      Gain Access to gmail acct so that we can start on Google Add words.

2.      Send Paul headshot for the website.


1.      Work on notes for Barr trail work day/purchase materials.


2.      Scout South Slope

3.      Submit plan for banner to Alex/Outreach

Outreach action items:

            Distribute Flyers to various businesses.

1)     -Electronic Flyers for holidays etc

2)     -End of the year party location, speaker

3)     -Donation letter

4)     -Electronic media-who should take care of getting a QR code for donations?

5)     -Content for the Sandwich board

6)      -Get together to discuss new Swag


Action Items Assigned 5/10/16


1)     Paul will send service request for Microsoft Access through Microsoft, otherwise we will hire this done.

2)     Paul will request 2016 Flyer from Jim.

3)     Bring Ring The Peak banner for table to El Pomar Event.

4)     Invite Diane from Youth Corp to next Board Meeting.


1)     Reach out to prospective new member Priscilla Clayton.


1)     Brian will send short summary of Project notes to TOSC to include on their webpage.

2)     Brian will print flyers.


1)     Type up short proposal for FOTP Guided Hikes

2)     Bring table cloths to El Pomar event. Get table banner from Brian and old swag.

3)     Print small flyers to advertise Steve's movie on Monday.

4)     Susan will put Manitou Shuttle Schedule link on our FB page.


1)     Bring laptop in case it is possible to show video at El Pomar.

Outreach action items:

7)     -Electronic Flyers for holidays etc

8)     -End of the year party location, speaker

9)     -Donation letter

10) -Electronic media

11) -Content for the Sandwich board

12)  -Get together to discuss new Swag



Susan did her LNT Presentation for children which was challenging but went well.

Friends of Red Rocks would like Susan to open up some LNT sessions for them. She may need help, Antoinette and Lee.

Craig has been with the group for 3 board meetings. He has met criteria for Board Membership and it was motioned and unanimously agreed upon. Craig agrees to accept this nomination.