Friends of the Peak board minutes June 9, 2015

Friends of the Peak

Board Meeting Minutes, June 9, 2015


Attending: Carol Beckman, Jim Strub, Brian VanValkenburg, Susan Jarvis-Weber, Mark Freeland. 


Meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m.


Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.


Financial report: 

Nothing new.


Location for July board meeting

Next board meeting is Tues, July 14.  The July board meeting usually coincides with the Pikes Peak or Bust parade.  We’ll meet at Jim Strub’s house for July.


June 20 20th anniversary party

 - RSVP reminder – we should send out a reminder note to the original e-mail list of members.

 - food – food w Buffalo Gals is pulled pork, beef brisket, sauce on side for both, grilled veggies, potato salad, buns.

 - presentation – consensus was not to have any engraving, but to sign the back, if materials are appropriate.

- program – Mary Burger on founding and early FOTP, Steve Jennings and Mike Cotter


Giving Beer, Monday, July 20, at Trinity Brewing


Speaker for annual dinner

Brian suggested Neal and Teresa.  They gave an interesting presentation at the AdAmAn dinner, and are willing to give it for the November dinner.


Manitou Meeting in a Box

We were invited to hold a Meeting in a Box for the Manitou master plan for parks, open space, and trails.  Idea generated little interest with Brian, Susan, and Mark.  Jim submitted comments already.


Carpooling location for projects

With Red Rock closed, we need a location for carpooling.  Should be a public lot, along or close to U.S. 24.  We’ve used the lot behind the miner statue at Cimarron and 21st in the past.  Brian noted CS Parks and Rec on Recreation Way is a possibility.  Any other suggestions?


Round table

Susan: created National Trails Day album.

  Working with Lee on Leave No Trace


Brian: FOTP is a member of Leave No Trace for 1 year; he will check their web site for our listing

  Business cards ordered through Rick Hessek are in.

  He’s working on signs, checking with Snappy Print and Colorado Canyon Signs.  Generated sayings for lawn signs, which are $9 each.  Working on a sandwich board.

Mark suggested a sign saying: project just finished by Friends of the Peak.


Jim: trip to Victor and Cripple Creek with Bill Koerner and Carol to make friends.  Bill wrote a report.  The group met a member of Victor city council who is a trail person.  Jim suggested sending Bill’s report with the minutes.

  Jim also went to a meeting on the new summit complex.  It’s complex.  They’ll remove all but historic parts and build 2 structures.  They’ve hired a firm for the design.  Once the design is 35% complete, they’ll have a meeting for public input.  Several web sites have information, but the official web site is CS Parks and Rec.  If we have anything we should have only a link to that site – simplest is to not have anything.


Carol: filed annual report with Colorado Secretary of State.

  Found more neighborhood newspapers to advertise projects and got a hit.

  Went to meeting of outdoor partners group, which is planning an outdoor event for June 4, 2016 (National Trails Day).  FOTP probably will want to participate.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.