Friends of the Peak Board Minutes: July 12, 2016

Friends of the Peak Board Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2016



Paul Mead

Brian VanValkenburg

Craig Mounts

Alex Sullivan

Jenny Sullivan


Approval of Minutes from Prior Meeting-unanimously approved.

Financials- Alex and Paul will check the donation tube.

Current accounts and recent transactions

Outreach Update

·        Craig is still waiting to hear from Paul or Carol to get access to Google. Password was given at this meeting.

·        Alex reached out to KRCC regarding adds. To have regular adds it costs $500+/week and then you are a sponsor. We have used the community calendar in the past for free. We will touch base with them about this.

·        Jenny made map of locations to distribute flyers. Additional locations were added by Paul. Paul will get source file from Jim for our flyer and get an electronic copy to outreach.

·        Letter of thanks for donations was edited and approved for use by the board.

·        Brian developed an option for the sandwich board. Alex also has developed an option for the sandwich board. Craig will ask his contacts in printing to price out sandwich board signs.

·        Electronic Cards, list of recommended holidays was presented to the board. Brian recommends we use these opportunities to give extra content to volunteers. Paul recommends one winter holiday and then we add once per month to put in upcoming trail days and trail review. We will develop a format within the board and then send out to the group to volunteer any extra ideas.

·        Craig is looking for additional involvement. We need some additional Facebook content. Brian would like more teasers and asking volunteers to come out and posting some of Brian's pictures. Craig states that Facebook advertising is good because you can target outdoors enthusiasts. Craig will look into this to see what it costs.

·        Craig also is willing to review the website and offer support. Craig will need to upload a document to the website for the Google Add.

·        We need to reach out to Ascent coordinator Ron Ilgin to see if we can have table at the Ascent Marathon. Paul will get contact info to Alex.

·        Get Banner ordered.

·        Brainstorming ideas for speaker for end of year party. Tambi Gustofson from Forest Service is an option. Janelle Valaderas. We need to pick a date. Jenny will call GOTG outpost to see what their availability is for party. Loretta with Forest Service who specializes in 14ers.

·        Slogans for buttons/stickers: "Over 20 years of kickin' Trail" and "We've got good Friends". Brian will send Jenny the document of slogans.


Review of outreach plans, short-term and long-term

Immediate (4-6 weeks) action items

Project Readiness

·        Brian will order posts and rails, but he is still trying to determine how much to purchase based on volunteers and ability to get work done.

·        Brian might be adjusting some workdays in order to get more done on 7 falls.

·        Paul Canceled work day on 7/24 due to zero sign ups and work is almost complete.


RTP Update

·        Bill Koerner came up with alternate route for RTP which stays close to CR81, crossing almost 15 land owners. Paul proposed a route that is further north that crosses 4 land owners but is closer to the reservoirs. Victor is now expressing interest in talking with us about possible plans.

Action Item Review


1)    Alex and Paul will check donation tube on 7/21/16 11:30 at Manitou Brewing Company.

2)    Paul will get source file from Jim for our flyer and get an electronic copy to outreach.

3)    Paul will get contact info to Alex for Ascent Marathon table.


1)    Go with Paul to donation tube.

2)    Send record of donations to Denise and continue to send Thank You's.


1)    Brian will reach out to contact from the City to get key for South Slope Parking.

2)    Brian will give Alex copy of QR code.

3)    Brian will send Jenny the document of slogans for buttons/stickers.


1)    Touch base with KRCC about community calendar.

2)    Distribute Flyers after receiving flyers.

3)    Order Sandwich Board prints and flyers.

4)    Discuss format/content with board for monthly email blasts/holiday emails.

5)    Brainstorm button/sticker slogan ideas.


1)    Price Sandwich Board prints.

2)    Price Facebook advertising. Request photos from Brian to post on Facebook.

3)    Reach out to Carol for website info so that we can get Google Adds up and running.


1)    Call GOTG outpost to see what their availability is for party.


1)    Get Banner info to Alex to be ordered.



1.      Edit the Flyers.

2.      Create a Fotp email address and update the website to include Craig Mounts' info.

3.      Plan hike to donation tube with Alex.

4.      Task for Paul/Brian??-touch base with Ron Elgin/contact from Ascent Marathon group to ask about transporting volunteers/supplies.


1.      Reach out to Erica for more work days and possibly become involved in Board Days.

2.      Plan hike to donation tube with Alex.

3.      Send record of donations to Denise and continue to send Thank You's.


1.      Gain Access to gmail acct so that we can start on Google Add words.

2.      Send headshot for the website to Paul.


1.      Work on notes for Barr trail work day/purchase materials.


2.      Scout South Slope

3.      Submit plan for banner to Alex/Outreach

Outreach action items:

            Distribute Flyers to various businesses.

1)     -Electronic Flyers for holidays etc

2)     -End of the year party location, speaker

3)     -Donation letter

4)     -Electronic media-who should take care of getting a QR code for donations?

5)     -Content for the Sandwich board

6)      -Get together to discuss new Swag



Nothing to add.