FOTP minutes Jan 9, 2017

Attendees: Bremner, Steve,  Brian Vanvalkenburg, Susan Jarvis, Pual Mead, 

Guests: Jason Doedderlein, Christy Corpuz

 6:40  Dec retreat Minutes approval, Board members agreed unanimously

6:40  - Paul and Steve have no city or County business/projects to put on Maser Plan.

Master plan will be submitted to corresponding Forest service, city orgs, and appropriate private land owners for approval  

Susan Discussed the outreach plans to work with hiking Bob, local city orgs and trail partners for PR support 

Susan will follow up with LNT plans for assistant and schedule classes in the community 

Board members discussed viable networking contacts for strengthening and broadening the workday schedule and volunteer base.  Possible groups to contact include:  CCollege volunteer program, UCCS trails committee and student Environmental studies program, The Military bases soldier and civilian community services offices, Do KRCC radio blasts, Encourage more Addaman involvement


7:20 Steve ~ attended the National Forest Foundation “Find your 14’er” – found it interesting


7:30 Susan  ~ Discussed the use of online video service, agreed would not be effective or necessary

Paul ~ Working with Search& Rescue / Forest Service to put a sign at bottomless pit on Barr to prevent rouge hiking.  Hazard prevention signage 

Steve ~ Confirmed tentative work schedule is good and ready to submit. Board members agreed unanimously 


7:40  Steve ~ Ring the peak Grant w/ Tosc discussed and board confirmed the Ring the Peak reps board are still a arm of the FOTP board.  

Susan discussed if the RTP Facebook is to be treated as a marketing option for FOTP to post to and use for promotion, Board members agreed unanimously it was, Guest George discussed how it should be sperated from FOTP

Open discussion for how the FOTP and RTP website info, and content is lacking or could be impoved.  Discussion for who the FOTP audience is who uses FOTP media and public information.  What is postitive and negative for the users experience trying to navigate our pages and trail information guide and tips.  

Guest input:

Christy ~ suggest contact S.Davies (TOSC) help find money to send FOTP to traing cources for Non-profits.  Social media / volunteer targeting

Jason ~ FotP Trail dat and site need to be more user friendly, more visible on the web page and on the internet.



7: 45 Board ~ No review actions discussed


7:50 Board ~ no FotP round table comments or off topic discussions 


8:05 Steve ~ Close meeting