Friends of the Peak Board Minutes January 23, 2016

Friends of the Peak Annual Retreat

January 23, 2016


Carol Beckman, Paul Mead, Jim Strub, Steve Bremner, Susan Jarvis-Weber, Mark Freeland, Alex and Jenny Sullivan, Brian Van Valkenburg


Resignations from the Board: Carol Beckman, Jim Strub, Bob Bunch


-- Review of past year


            --Last year's accomplishments

                        --29 Projects on 9 trails

                        --Progress on Ring the Peak

                        --164 individuals volunteered

            --What can we do to improve?

                        --More volunteers

                        --Need to develop more leadership -- crew leader training


-- Mission and Goals (why do we exist?)


            --Focus on building trails


            --Other organizations like RMFI and VOC start with the environment and use that to implement their vision through trail work

            --Susan said that we just provide muscle without the brains of environmental vision, due to the nature of our organization

            --Our trail work benefits the environment through building better tread

            --Coordinating between the trail building groups a concern -- standards don't really exist

            --Long term goals -- Ring the Peak, improve name recognition for FOTP, educating the public through training programs, building and maintaining trails on Pikes Peak massive, get a better working relationship with the Forest Service

            --Goal for our Forest Service relationship -- Jim: two competing interests, 1) they depend on us to maintain trails, 2) when we have to ask them to do a NEPA we are in a "begging relationship".

                        --Oscar Martinez is Forest Ranger

                        --They don't have a recreational planner (was Frank Landis), though Sue Miller is our POC. Rick Ellsworth runs crews (title is unknown). They are supposed to fill the position this spring.




            -- Brian doesn't have a report

            --Carol will help him produce one


--Review of positions


            --See addendum 1 for Carol's listing of duties. This was sent out by email for review and critique. We did not go over them in detail here.


--Annual election of officers


            --President -- Carol nominated Paul Mead, Steve seconded. Approval was unanimous.

            --Secretary -- Jim nominated Jenny, Mark seconded. Approval was unanimous.

            --Treasurer -- Steve nominated Alex, Jim seconded. Approval was unanimous.

            --Vice President -- Jim nominated Steve, Mark seconded. Approval was unanimous.


--Other positions

            --Database manager -- mailing list of members (contact info, donations, events coordination) (see Addendum 1 for detailed activities) Carol is not willing to continue. We have until April to fill the position. Carol will write up a job description and an appeal for someone to take on the position and Jim will send it in an "Elite" email to our community.


            --Web site coordinator -- Jim Davies and Carol will continue with this

            --Newsletter -- Jim S. is willing to continue with this

            --Tool manager -- Brian will continue with this. Susan will assist.

            --Project coordinator -- Steve suggests industry term of Program Manager for overall program, with individual project leads as Project Manager -- Brian will continue, and Susan and Mark will assist.

            --Outreach coordinator -- Susan has done this before, but Alex is will take this on, with Susan assisting and mentoring.

            --Ring the Peak sign coordinator -- Carol will continue doing this.


--Action items and deadlines

            --Put action items in the minutes as separate addendum with dates.


Summit house


--Summit complex, Jim said that everything currently there will be torn down and reconstructed into three buildings

            --Next Tuesday, Jan 26th, 5:30 PM at El Pomar, Spencer Penrose House, 1661 Mesa Avenue there will be a public meeting that Jim hopes we can all attend.

            --There is a NEPA ongoing because it's on USFS land, so Forest Service has to approve the plan.  It is also a National Historic Site, so the National Park Service also has to approve it.

            --Out of four options, they are running with option one, which will minimize the footprint and it will blend in more with the mountain.


Broadmoor Land Exchange


--Proposed Broadmoor land exchange public meeting, Bear Creek Nature Center, 245 Bear Creek Road, Thursday, Jan 28, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

            --Seen as a plus for trails.

--FOTP discussion was that we as an organization would not take a position





Ring the Peak


            --We made the 16 for 16 trail initiatives from Gov. Hickenlooper

            --There was a stakeholder's meeting sponsored by Col Spgs Parks and Rec with many stakeholders, including Luis Benitez and Senator Merrifield.

            --Looking at a core working group with FOTP, TOSC, and Palmer Land Trust

                        --TOSC would be the advocacy group

                        --Palmer LT would do the legal easements, etc

                        --Should have name recognition so it has clout, per Paul

            --Pike National Forest "100-year plan" is up for remaking this year or next -- we have to get into this plan

            --Carol and Jim offered to represent FOTP on Ring the Peak activities, with Paul as focal point for FOTP

            --Formalized an FOTP committee for Ring the Peak, with Paul, Steve, Carol, Eric Swab, and Jim.

            --Motion carried to buy the domain. Update: Steve bought the domain

            --Ring the Peak card, Jim Davies offered to make it. Tabled for now.


Operating plan (see addendum 2 as well)


--Sue Miller with the Forest Service said we are using the wrong format (it's been updated now), Tim Wolken offered to take it through the approval process.


-- Crags trail: reroute below Devil's Playground. In discussions with the Forest Service, that wants to roll it up with other projects into a larger proposal. Not likely to be done this year.


-- Crags (the real Crags trail): Some problem areas that Paul has identified

-- Crags Trail above Devil's Playground -- possibility for trail work 1 - 2 days

-- Crags Trail (old trail) needs to be reclaimed. (lower priority)

-- Crags Trail access trail -- good for relationship with USFS, 2 days?
-- Putney Gulch trailhead -- work that needs to be assessed

-- Raspberry Gulch, switchback farther in from trailhead identified last year, low priority, probably not this year.


-- 638 to Barr Trail 7.8 mile-to-go sign reroute, Crowe Gulch to Severy Creek assessment -- Paul wants to get USFS to consider -- would open up much work for us

-- Pull toadflax on Crowe Gulch trail, Red Rocks Open Space, GoG

-- Build non-motorized trail from Buckhorn to Bear Creek

-- Social trail on north side of lower Bear Creek that USFS wants to decommission

-- Barr Trail -- want to take CC group to work around A-Frame

-- Barr Trail -- Zach Miller has work list that can be combined with the CC group

-- Barr Trail -- "Trip and Slip" before the PPM and PPA, with ride to top of Bob's Road

-- Barr Trail -- Clean the top mile of the Barr Trail of rocks (assess)

-- Barr Trail -- Pre-race "Trip and slip" day on the W's (lower trail)

-- Barr Trail -- trailhead rotted timbers in the trail

-- Barr Trail -- rotted fence posts (5 highest priority), to buy rails we need to buy in bundles of 50. Carol counted 47 rotted rails.

-- Incline Friends has asked us to coordinate schedules


-- Dates to avoid:

Sun, June 26: Pikes Peak Hill Climb (practice days: June 3-6, 10-12, 22-24)

Sun, July 17: Barr Trail Mountain Race

Sat, Aug 13: Pikes Peak Bicycle Hill Climb

Aug 20 - 21: Ascent and Marathon

Sat, Sun, Sept 10-11: Pikes Peak Highway Skateboard Race


-- Dates

            -- Crew Leader Training 22, 23, 24 April

            -- 21st May Barr Trail tread repair (Brian)

            --May 26 Bear Creek decommissioning day (Brian)

            -- June 4th is NTD and outreach day

            -- June 9th and 23rd are Bear Creek decommissioning days (Brian)

            -- Toadflax June 11 GoG and June 25 Red Rocks (Carol)

            -- Barr Trail posts June 18 (Brian)

            -- July 9th, 10th Crags access trail, (Paul)

            -- July 7th and 21st Bear Creek Decomm days (Brian)

            -- July 16 Barr Trail fallen fence (Brian)

            -- July 23-24, Crags reroute (Paul)

            -- Saturday July 30th, Barr Trail Trip and Slip, Top of the W's down (Brian)

            -- Aug 4th, Sep 1st 15th 29th (Thursdays) Bear Creek new trail construct(Brian)

            -- Aug 6th 7th --Two Saturdays devoted to Bear Creek reroute Trail (Paul)

            -- 13 Aug -- Barr Trail (Longs Ranch) (Brian)

            -- 16 - 19 Aug -- CC at A-Frame (Paul)

            -- 27th Aug, Upper Crags above highway (Paul)

            -- Barr Trail rails 10, 17, 24 Sep 13 Oct (Brian)

            -- 10 or 17th Sep as AdaMan (Mike Cotter)


            -- One pre-race Trip and Slip date, last mile to the summit, no dates yet


            -- Potentially crew leaders with tools can park at Cog Parking Lot -- Susan talked to Mike manager of Cog Parking Lot and he said "no problem"


What requires board approval?


Placeholder for now. We just touched on this in the meeting.

From Carol's email agenda:


expenditures?  amounts?  different for different positions?

    political endorsements

    commercial endorsements


    programs and initiatives


Outreach committee


-- Education, media

-- Alex, Jennie, Mark and potentially Steve Driska. Susan has inputs.

-- Alex will set up a meeting to brainstorm ideas

-- We have an Amazon Smile account -- when people buy from Amazon we get a small donation, Brian has details

-- Find donation lists

-- Paul would like to be in the first meeting

-- Susan brought up Colorado Fourteener Initiative (CFI)

-- First meeting 4 PM on Wednesday, January 27th downtown; Alex will send invite


Facebook and other media

Not addressed (ran out of time)


Areas to improve

Not addressed (ran out of time)



Addendum 1 -- Position duties


Note: Only president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer need to be board members



Represent Friends of the Peak.

Run the meetings of the board of directors.

Create and distribute agendas for the board meetings.

Consulting with the board and potential project coordinators for individual projects and arranging with supporting organizations and groups, produce the annual operating plan.

Get approval from all the necessary agencies for the annual operating plan.

Get a release from the Pikes Peak Cog Railway each year for projects.

Submit annual CS Parks and Rec Friends group agreement.

Submit annual corporate report to the Colorado secretary of state.

Submit annual 990-N to IRS (all other IRS filings are the responsibility of the treasurer, and this would become so, also, if the form changes).

Receive general e-mail inquiries and handle and forward as appropriate.

Receive requests for letters of support, etc., discuss with board, write letter or statement, submit for board approval, send if approved.

Write statements of position, etc., discuss with board, submit for approval, send if approved.

Be the point of contact for Scout projects, youth projects, and any special project requests (ideally, all projects and initiatives are in the operating plan, but opportunities and requests can arise after the operating plan is final).

Collect donations from the Barr Trail donation tube.

Send thank you letter to major donors (ex, Pikes Peak Marathon).

Decide on color of t-shirt, number and sizes to order.

Write president's note for the newsletter.

Coordinate with newsletter editor and board for each newsletter.

Ensure the web site coordinator has information for the web site.

Report volunteer days, etc., to Forest Service at the end of the project season.

Give paperwork as needed from projects to CS Parks and Rec.

Handle arrangements for the annual dinner, ex, invitation, caterer, speaker.

Take RSVPs for the dinner.

Select the Volunteer of the Year.

Make arrangements for annual board retreat, ex, location.

Be a signer on Friends of the Peak accounts, ex, checking, savings, CDs.


Vice president

Assist the president as requested.

Take on duties of the president if he/she is unable to.



Take minutes for meetings.

Distribute minutes in a timely fashion -- done electronically these days.



Handle finances of Friends of the Peak.

Pay bills and reimburse expenses in a timely fashion.

Ensure expenses are legitimate and approved by the board.

Manage financial accounts in a responsible manner,

ex, no overdrafts, keep buffer in checking, move larger amounts to interest bearing account.

Keep accurate financial records (in Microsoft Money on a laptop owned by Friends of the Peak), and in accord with approved board policies and procedures.

Manage PayPal account: check for donations, send thank you letters, record donations, report donations to database manager, transfer money from PayPal to checking account.

Keep up-to-date paper records of expenses, financial statements, etc.

Distribute all forms, account statements, etc., to the board for inspection.

Implement financial control procedures as approved by the board, suggest new procedures when appropriate.

Keep board informed of financial events and opportunities (ex, CDs coming due).

Give monthly financial report on income, expenses, and financial position at board meetings, including detail and amounts by category.

Prepare yearly detailed financial report on assets, income, and expenses for annual board meeting.

Write and send thank you letters and tax receipts to all contributors, including sending any premium gift.

Give the database manager regular reports on all donors, including name, contact info, amount contributed, and date of donation.

Prepare and file all forms, reports, etc., with the IRS, other than 990-N, as needed.

Prepare and file all financial forms and reports with the state, as needed.

Maintain tax-exempt status with the state and federal governments; file all needed reports, etc.

Occasionally exchange copies of essential files to put on the other laptop as an offsite backup.


Database manager

Maintain database of members and contacts (in Microsoft Access on a laptop owned by Friends of the Peak).

Keep mailing list, members, donations, event registrations, event participation.

Update contact info as needed.

Check post office box, gather donation information, and distribute mail as appropriate.

Receive project registrations.

Receive membership applications.

Send project info sheets, waivers, and any other needed information for a project to the people who have registered for a project, currently done via e-mail, blind copy to protect e-mail addresses, when they register, about 1 week before the project, and 2 days before the project (with weather forecast for the project area).

Respond to queries received or forward them as appropriate.

Take cancellations; record and report as needed.

Send a list of registrants to the project coordinator for a project (2 days before project)

and report numbers registered as requested.

As needed, send project notices (ex, project changes) to registrants.

As requested, if a list of project participants is provided, send thank you to participants.

Provide the list of members (those who have volunteered or donated at the member level or higher within a year) as needed (ex for annual members meeting).

Provide the list of contacts (e-mail addresses) for the newsletter and other mailings as needed.

At the end of the project season, supply the number of volunteer days, etc. to the president.

Provide the list of volunteers for the year to the newsletter editor for the late fall or early winter newsletter.

Provide the list of donors for the year to the newsletter editor for the first newsletter of the next year.  The list should indicate category of donation but need not include specific amount.

Occasionally exchange copies of essential files to put on the other laptop as an offsite backup.


Web site coordinator

Maintain the web site in accord with policies and procedures approved by the board.

Handle matters with the internet provider other than financial matters.

Handle the web site aspects of the PayPal account.


Newsletter editor

Format and e-mail newsletters.

Coordinate with president and board on newsletter content.

Send invitation to the annual members meeting.

During project season, send project reminders as needed.

Send any special notes as needed as decided by the president or board.

Bonus: produce project flyers.


Tool manager

Maintain the tools and other items for projects (currently stored in a rented storage unit).

Organize the tool storage and storage unit.

Keep an inventory of the tools.

Suggest necessary additions to the supply of tools and equipment to the board.

Work with the project coordinator for each project to provide tools for each project.  Ensure the project coordinator knows what tools are available, get the list of tools needed from the project coordinator, and arrange to have the requested tools available at the project.

Arrange to have the tools returned at the end of each project.

Check that the tools are returned.  Check for any damage.  Remove from active use tools that are no longer safe.

Repair tools as needed, within skill level or if cost to repair is reasonable.

Arrange tool cleaning at the end of the project season.  Coordinate with the board on a date.  Arrange a location.  Arrange transportation of the tools to the location, if needed, then back again.  Ensure equipment and materials needed for cleaning, ex, wire brushes, oil, cloths, are available at the tool cleaning.  Recruit volunteers or arrange for recruitment.


project coordinator for an individual project

Create project info sheet for the project following the standard form (having someone else proofread it is a good idea), preferably at the beginning of the project season, but at least 2 weeks before the project, and provide the project info sheet to the database manager for distribution to registrants.

Create any additional information that volunteers need for the project, ex parking pass.

Provide project details to the overall project coordinator.

Coordinate any needed project changes with the overall project coordinator and president as needed.  Report project changes to the overall project coordinator and president.

Handle any paperwork needed for the individual project, ex project checklist and waivers for projects on CS Parks and Rec properties.

Possibly in conjunction with a technical adviser, decide on the work to accomplish at the project.  Description of work may be written or informal.

Ensure all the work on a project conforms to the annual operating plan, landowner and land manager requirements, and policies and procedures established by the board.

Decide on maximum number of volunteers, and provide the limit to the database manager, web site coordinator, and anyone else needing the information.

Decide how to manage having too many volunteers, following any policies and procedures established by the board, and provide the scheme to the database manager and web site coordinator, and anyone else as needed.

Recruit an adequate number of qualified crew leaders.

Arrange parking, carpooling, and other aspects of transportation for the project.  Coordinate with other agencies for parking, transportation, etc., as needed.

Provide the list of tools needed to the tool manager.

Arrange for any needed materials for the project, ex timbers, bolts.

Arrange for transportation of tools, extra gloves, materials, etc., to project site, if needed.

Arrange to return tools, etc.,  to the tool manager.

Coordinate with any outside support agency (ex Marathon, Cog).

Handle arrangements for whatever food and drinks will be provided for the projects or recruit someone to handle it and check that all arrangements are made.

Arrange for any swag, ex t-shirts, and ensure it is at the project.

Coordinate with crew leaders and provide them information about the project work.  Arrange a crew leader walk through if needed.

Request a list of people registered for the project.  Check numbers registered so far as needed.

Check the weather forecast and current weather conditions.  Consulting the president, overall project coordinator, etc., as needed, decide whether to cancel or delay, then disseminate info as needed (ex, tell database manager to e-mail project registrants, web site coordinator to post on web site).

Ensure each volunteer for the project turns in a waiver or has turned in a waiver this year and signs the sign in sheet.

Have extra blank copies of the standard Friends of the Peak waiver (and CS Parks minor waiver if needed) at the project.

Ensure each crew has what they need and safety briefing is provided.

Watch weather during the day.  Decide whether to end early.

Check with crews as the day progresses to ensure everything is going well and they have what they need.

After the project, provide the list of the project participants to the database manager in a timely manner.


Project coordinator

Ensure each project has a project coordinator, usually discussed and assigned by the board in project planning.

Gather project descriptions from the project coordinators for each project and provide project descriptions to the president, web site coordinator, TOSC, etc.

Coordinate any needed changes in projects with the individual project coordinator and the president.  Report any changes that affect published project descriptions to the president, web site coordinator, TOSC, etc.

Send the required advance notices for each project (ex, Pikes Peak Highway, CS Utilities).

Send reminder notices for project arrangements (ex, parking).

Send reminder notices for project support, as needed.

Ensure each project coordinator understands the requirements of appropriate landowners and land managers and ensure that the requirements are followed.

Ensure each project conforms to the annual operating plan and follows policies and procedures established by the board.

Assist individual project coordinators as requested. 

After each project, send thank yous to organizations providing support, as appropriate.

Provide thank you information to send to project participants to the database manager.

Help the project coordinator for each individual project as needed.

Ensure that all the necessary tasks for each project are done.

Follow up with individual project coordinator after project on how the project went.


Outreach coordinator

Engage outreach committee.

With the outreach committee:

      brainstorm ideas,

      evaluate current outreach efforts,

      discuss promising ideas, develop enough detail to present ideas to the board,

      present recommendations to the full board for discussion and approval.

Implement outreach efforts that are approved by the board.


Ring the Peak sign coordinator

Arrange installing and replacing Ring the Peak signs as needed.

Order, maintain, and manage signing materials as needed.


proposed: Ring the Peak representative

Represent Friends of the Peak in matters relating to Ring the Peak.

Serve as liaison about Ring the Peak to other organizations, ex, TOSC.

Attend meetings relevant to Ring the Peak, as representative for Friends of the Peak.

Serve as contact with organizations, government agencies, landowners, etc.


--Addendum 2 -- Operating Plan


From Carol's email: Combining the suggestions from board members and others and requests from Forest Service, possible projects for the year:


- Crags (the real Crags trail): short reroute

- Crags to the summit above Devil's Playground: a perennial problem area

- Crags access trail: widen in spots, flatten in spots

- Devil's Playground trail below Devil's Playground -- still working out if there's anything here that would be worth working on.

- Raspberry: problem switchback well in from trailhead -- maybe another year?

- Putney Gulch: about 1/4 mile in from trailhead, a straight uphill section -- needs reroute, another year

- 638: reroute near Barr -- some other year

- invasives: Crowe Gulch; toadflax, musk thistle; 2 people, in plan, not published

- invasives: CS Parks and Rec?  still waiting to hear; Red Rock, Garden of the Gods; toadflax

- Bear Creek: new nonmotorized trail from Bear Creek (666) to Buckhorn.  Forest Service is not sure if/when they can start building this section this year, but have asked for our help building it. They want the same vague language in the operating plan that we've included in past years for building this section.  Working the schedule to allow for adding projects will be the trick.

- Bear Creek: decommission 1.5 miles of social (nonsystem, rogue) trail on the north side of Bear Creek.  This is a high priority for them.  We'd need direction on just what they want done.  It might make a good project for Thursdays -- start at the far end of the trail and work down.

- Barr.  Many possibilities here.

CC group around A frame.

Zach's list to Paul: by Bottomless Pit spur and by the 3 miles to go sign.

up Longs Ranch Road the Sat and Thurs before the Ascent and Marathon.

Cog to Mountain View -- though we've worked drainage pretty well in the mile below and the mile above Barr Camp, so need to decide.

up from trailhead -- a few rotted timbers in the trail, a few side ruts; need to coordinate w RMFI.

posts -- 5 most rotted posts.

rails -- 50.  Maybe another possibility for Thursdays?


Incline Friends has asked to coordinate project schedules.

They're planning a few projects this year,

and at the least want to avoid both organizations having projects the same day.


Dates to avoid:

Sun, June 26: Pikes Peak Hill Climb (practice days: June 3-6, 10-12, 22-24)

Sun, July 17: Barr Trail Mountain Race

Sat, Aug 13: Pikes Peak Bicycle Hill Climb

Aug 20 - 21: Ascent and Marathon

Sat, Sun, Sept 10-11: Pikes Peak Highway Skateboard Race