Friends of the Peak Minutes


City Hall, 107 N. Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs


​Tuesday, Feb 14th, 6:30 PM​



Alex Sullivan

Jenny Sullivan

Brian VanValkenburg

Steve Bremner

Paul Mead

Rick Hessek



Approval of Minutes from January-emailed by Susan and approved pending spelling corrections.


  • Current accounts and recent transactions- Brian gave Alex itemized receipts for recent expenses.
  • Alex will Check PO Box

Outreach Update

  • Review of outreach plans, short-term and long-term
  • Triple S Brewing event-make a generic handout or hand out cards at this event. Susan will come up with generic handout. Brian, Susan and Dan will attend this event. Steve will attend late if possible. It is this Friday 2/17/17 from 5-8 at Triple S Brewery.
  • Chipotle Fundraising event-Tacos for Trail-March 20 at the Tejon St. in Colorado Springs from 3pm to 7pm.
  • Alex will review records to see what other Brewery nights have been approved.
  • Susan is working on more Brewery dates.
  • Immediate (4-6 weeks) action items

Trail Work

  • Steve and Paul will meet tomorrow with Forest Service to get Trail Schedule approved.
  • Steve has approval for Toll Roads
  • Friends Groups and Forest Service have meeting every 6 months to share work plans and discuss Crew Leader Training which is a shared event.
  • Steve would like to have a meeting with Paul and Doug Borsnall to have specific trail discussions.


Newsletter-Susan and Jim are setting up time the second week of March to plan Newsletter content. Alex will get record from Paypal for donor-name and email to add on to the list.

  • Schedule
  • New such as road closures etc, Waldo update
  • Eric Swab’s article to add to the newsletter
  • RTP plans underway
  • Volunteer Recruitment opportunities-specifically off trail work (help with outreach)
  • Volunteer driven facebook page
  • Susan will get draft to Steve for editing by 2/21/17, proposed publishing date 3/8/17

Get Outdoors-Board met and Susan Attended. Made contact with Allison Folds from CSU who will help spread our LNT training info and help us advertise. She also gave info on Watershed organization and offered to provide us with their swag but also put our logo on with theirs and we can share an order. We agree to get 100 count of dog poo bags with our logo. She and Susan also spoke about how she could assist with signage. It is agreed that this is a very beneficial relationship to nurture.

Get Outdoors Event-Saturday June 4, 2016 at Prospect Lake-We will have a table at this event.

  • Susan has found a potential new location for the end of year party.

Meetings and training

  • Superfriends, Feb 15th
  • Meeting with USFS, Feb 15th
  • Crew Leader Training, April 21 – 23. Likely at Bear Creek Nature Center. Note: might have day one and day two at separate locations. Considered moving location of training to Pulpit Rock.
  • It has also been approved to have background checks performed prior to CLT.


Round Table

Brian updates the group on recent trails built.

Susan-will be attending Board Meeting for Get Outdoors- making connections with Parks and Wildlife and CSU. Susan will be out of touch from 2/21-3/6.

Rick- will now be working with Search and Rescue

Jenny will put together Action Items Review

Action Item Review from 2/14/17


    1. Meet with Forest Service to get trail plan approved
    2. Review draft of newsletter for hopeful publish date of 3/8/17


  1. Meet with Steve and Doug Borsnall to discuss future trail plans


    1. Check PO Box.
    2. Review records to see what other Breweries have agreed to have fundraiser
    3. Get Paypal donor name and email list to add to our email address book


    1. Put together Action Items


  1. Put together handout for Triple S event
  2. Check into other possible brewery/restaurant fundraiser nights
  3. Meet with Jim regarding newsletter format etc
  4. Draft of newsletter by 2/21/17 to Steve
  5. Are you planning to reach out to Allison Folds about the swag.


  1. Get Business Cards 

Action Item Review from Retreat and January Meeting


  1. Attend find your fourteener Meeting
  2. Submit work schedule to Forest Service for Approval


  1. Work with Forest Service to establish signage on Bottomless Pit.


  1. Send thank you to Jason Doederline


  1. Make award for Texas Roadhouse to thank them for food donation.
  2. Line up business cards

Board Member Recruitment: Discuss interest with the following volunteers

Cristine Corpuz (Guardians of Palmer Park) -Steve

 Mike Scott- Brian

George Lee-Susan 

Paul Smith (VOC)- Paul

 Bob Falcone (Cheyenne Canyon)- Brain 

Rick Hesseck (Friends of Cheyenne Canyon) -Steve

Jason Doerderline- Brian

Mary Berger-Paul