Friends of the Peak Board Minutes February 2016

Friends of the Peak Monthly Board Meeting

6:30 p.m., Pikes Peak room, City Hall, Kiowa at Nevada

February 9th, 2016



Paul Mead

Brian Van Valkenburg

Susan Jarvis-Webber

Mark Freeland

Steve Bremner

Alex Sullivan

Jenny Sullivan


Absent: None

Approval of Minutes from Prior Meeting-approved


·         Review of previous year-large donations, no large expenditures

·         Current accounts and recent transactions

·         Status of treasurer transition- Brian will be finishing year end documentation. Brian and Alex will meet next week to begin preparations to transition accounts. Point made by Brian: written responsibilities of Treasurer.

Meeting of Pikes Peak Recreation and Tourism Nonprofits-

El Pomar Foundation is trying to provide networking opportunities. Seemed to be focused on tourist money rather than improving the outdoor experience.  There were many groups in attendance, such as TOSC, Friends of the Incline, Anglers Covey, RMFI, Palmer Land Trust. It was a good opportunity to meet with sister organizations. Paul plans to continue to be a presence at the meetings, but it is unclear the benefit at this point. Due to our status in the 16 in 16, it is important to stay engaged in these groups.

Project Readiness

·         Bear Creek 666 to Buckhorn being built by commercial trail builders, so we are not planning to work this section. Due to trail width requirements and man power requirements this is too much work for us.

·         There is restoration work to be done at the Top of High drive where there are many social trails as requested by the Forest Service. We need a rep from our group to attend an evaluation with them. There is some concern for the futility of this work and whether or not this work will burn out volunteers. The first 500 ft of this trail would take care of a large part of this problem. It will be up in the air whether or not we are to participate in this. This work is assigned to multiple work days: May 26, June 9, 23, July 7, 21, August 4, 6, 7, Sept 1, 15, Sept 29.

·         CC work days, arrive August 24th; work 25-26; play 27th; leave 28th?

o        CC Work Days Wed August 24-through the weekend possibly. This conflicts with Crags/Devil's Playground work day. Question how to get them home-hike up vs hike down??

Operating Plan

Change Barr Trail Railing Replacement from Oct 13 to October 1

We need a Project manager for each work day in charge of info sheets, project notes, safety plan. When do they get sent out? 3 weeks before. We would like May and June Projects to have info sheets done by end of April. We would like a short summary of goal for each project. Paul will look through old info sheets and forward them to Brian for evaluation.

Devil's Playground day is on Aug 27, might have to change this date based on conflict with CC group.

The Project coordinators and leaders should be automatically put on the list for attendance at these events. This is a concern when we have limited seating. If we have project coordinator, Brian, double check their name is on the list.

For project plan information-we would like to defer some of these roles on to the Project coordinator and have info forwarded to Paul. Paul will handle bigger picture planning etc, but day to day project details will be handled by Brian.

RTP Update

In order to get a grant, we need to partner with a Public Entity such as Colorado Parks and Rec. At this point they are not interested in getting involved. Teller County would be a beneficial partnership for us. We need to get an Operating Concept to Luis Benitez by March 8. 16 in 16 has $30 million to give over 10 years. We should get Luis Benitez to help us get cooperation from the Forest Service.

Palmer Land Trust staff Amber Shanklin and Rebecca Jewitt are assisting. They are working to get buy in from their organization to get resources for easements to the Southwest Corner. It fits in their mission.

Paul and Steve have kept a finger on the pulse of these meetings.

Raspberry Gulch Bridge Replacement-this does not involve us but is an interesting FYI.

Outreach Update

Alex summarized notes from last outreach meeting.

See attachment:

Target groups:



3. City of Colorado Springs

4. City of Manitou Springs


6. Colorado Mountain Club (CMC)

7. Incline Friends

8. Friends of Red Rock Canyon

9. El Paso County

Alex will take on outreach to Young professional groups.

Susan may be able to help us get contacts to the Military groups.

Mark will champion contacts with Education systems at PPCC and UCCS and Paul will contact CC.

Corporations: Lower priority for recruitment but still an option.

On the ground advertising- Yard sign/sandwich board. Yard sign metal frame with space for fliers

Flier holders for on the Sandwich board.

Events: Annual kick-off party-Weeknight vs weekend: Bristol-happy hour

T-shirts: Outreach Committee will take care this. Volunteers like synthetic fabric.

We will revisit upright banner to use at Pikes Peak Marathon, Karma Night, LNT classes, Crew Leader Training.


Media plan, promotional events by March 8th.

Shwag plan by March 20th

Marketing signs for on ground ads April 15th

Outreach meetings to Young Professionals by May 13th

Alex and Susan will look into donation outreach before next meeting:

Paypal, Amazon, Facebook: do we want to sign up for free money

Volunteer outreach: volunteer search engines,

Just is a regional mormon volunteer org

New Board Members: targeted approach vs speed boarding.

We will skip speed boarding this year. Board at this point is manageable. We will revisit if we find interested individuals that have something to offer the board.


Round Table:

Brian suggested that if we have the opportunity to gain another intern from PPCC we should take them on.

We need to include a "Help Wanted" for the Data Base Manager in the Newsletter. Paul and Steve will be back up if no one can be found.