Friends of the Peak Board Minutes 8/9/16


Susan Jarvis-Weber

Steve Bremner

Brian VanValkenburg

Paul Mead

Alex Sullivan

Jenny Sullivan

Approval of Minutes from Prior Meeting-unanimous approval of minutes from 7/12/16


Current accounts and recent transactions

CD from Pikes Peak is maturing on 8/19/16 and we will roll it into UMB at that time. Brian will contact Pikes Peak National Bank to do this.

Donations from Collection tube total is $183.08 plus one Sri Lankan Rupee.

Brian will turn in receipts for reimbursement to Alex.

Outreach Update

Alex has contacted Ron Ilgen to get a table lined up for the Ascent and Marathon if we have volunteers for the tables. Alex can work it on Thursday 8/18/16 5-8. Susan can participate with Alex. Friday 11-2 Brian then 4-7 pm Paul and Saturday Brian 3-6. Susan has table cloths and Brian has table, sandwich board, swag, and print outs. Brian, Susan, and Alex will touch base about the handing off of materials between shifts.

Alex contacted KRCC and we are now on the community calendar.

We will book GOTG Trading Post for 11/12/16 for $412.50. Jenny will make sure we get a bartender for this as well.

Susan suggests we ask Louis Benitez for our end of year speaker. He will be at the Buffalo Lodge Art Show on 8/12/16. Other options are Tambi and Janelle. Paul will ask him if he would consider this.

We agreed we like “TREAD HEAD” “WORK THE DIRT” “OVER 20 YEARS OF KICKIN’ TRAIL” and “WE’VE GOT GOOD FRIENDS.” Susan and Jenny will brainstorm images and pricing for magnets and buttons.

Craig has had difficulty getting access to the website and has recently been granted to the website. Our goals are to get our social media outlets to link with our website. There are many ways to improve our outreach and Craig will be helpful in making this happen. It would be helpful to get a face to face meeting with Carol, Jim, Craig and Paul.

Flyers were unable to be opened so we still do not have flyers. We will create a new one. Put QR code on new flyer. Brian will send.

Project Readiness

Crags project was cancelled due to poor weather Aug 6-7.

We are double booked for projects on 9/17/16. Steve and Brian will work together to plan the workday for AdAmAn group and determine number of volunteers/crew leaders.

Steve Smith with SSPR group workday on 8/4/16 went very well.

We will be switching a Seven Bridges work day to St. Mary’s 9/1/16 due to technical nature of work location.

Paul went on the Forest Service Scout hike.

Susan will help haul tools and Paul will send Brian a tool list for the Colorado College Work day. Paul is exchanging email with Wallace with the Cog to arrange tool drop off locations.

Brian has decided not to purchase more posts/rails for this year as we will not be able to take this on this year.

RTP Update

Bill Koerner is working on getting a grant to get a paid staff member to work on RTP plans.

BLM and Bill Koerner are working together to work through obstacles. It appears that they are not in opposition to the RTP goals.

There is a meeting next week with Parks and Wildlife to work through obstacles as well.

There was a volunteer at a recent workday named Yolanda who volunteered to help if we need grant writing. The City of Colorado Springs also has grant writers that would be beneficial to get involved.

We have noticed more RTP signage, Paul will reach out to Carol and see if she has been doing this so that we can thank her.

Action Item Review


Paul will ask Louis Benitez if he would speak at our end of year party.

Paul will reach out to Carol, Jim, and Craig to arrange a face to face meeting about social media and website access.

Work the Ascent Table Friday 8/19/16

Arrange Pick up and drop off for tools for CC work day


Brian will contact Pikes Peak National Bank to get CD transferred to UMB

Brian will turn in receipts to Alex for reimbursement.

Work the ascent table Friday and Saturday 8/19-20


Work the Ascent table Thursday 8/17.

Help Brian haul logs


Work the Ascent table Thursday 8/17, Pick up table décor etc.

Brainstorm ideas with Jenny for button décor

Help haul tools for CC work day


Book GOTG Trading Post with Bartender.

Brainstorm button ideas with Susan


Work with Brian to plan AdAmAn work day.


Button/swag ideas

Make new flyer

Action Items from 7/12/16


Alex and Paul will check donation tube on 7/21/16 11:30 at Manitou Brewing Company.

Paul will get source file from Jim for our flyer and get an electronic copy to outreach.

Paul will get contact info to Alex for Ascent Marathon table.


Go with Paul to donation tube.

Send record of donations to Denise and continue to send Thank You’s.


Brian will reach out to contact from the City to get key for South Slope Parking.

Brian will give Alex copy of QR code.

Brian will send Jenny the document of slogans for buttons/stickers.


Touch base with KRCC about community calendar.

Distribute Flyers after receiving flyers.

Order Sandwich Board prints and flyers.

Discuss format/content with board for monthly email blasts/holiday emails.

Brainstorm button/sticker slogan ideas.


Price Sandwich Board prints.

Price Facebook advertising. Request photos from Brian to post on Facebook.

Reach out to Carol for website info so that we can get Google Adds up and running.


Call GOTG outpost to see what their availability is for party.


Get Banner info to Alex to be ordered.


Steve explored GMF trail system and wondered if this might be an opportunity for us to help as they build new trails in the area.

Susan will have another LNT class on Thursday.

Paul reports we got great feedback on work done on PP.

Brian and Susan need recruits to move logs. Alex will get two volunteers and help with these logs.