Friends of the Peak board meeting minutes August 11, 2015

Friends of the Peak Board Meeting

August 11th, 2015


--Attendance: Jim Strub, Susan Jarvis-Weber, Bob Bunch, Carol Beckman, Brian Van Valkenburg, Steve Bremner, Alex and Jenny Sullivan, Mark Freeland, Paul Mead


--Minutes: Last month's meeting minutes are approved


--Financials - Brian - "Nothing worth noting, except more spending because it's summer."


--Board Membership - Alex was nominated and approved for FOTP board membership


--Bear Creek - Carol is thinking of sending in comments based on our previous comments. Brian mentioned footbridges broken at top of Josephine Falls


--Ute Pass - Carol talked with Jason and they've overcome the private property issues because they're going to use the right-of-way.  Susan Davies is asking people that live in Cascade to send in support to the County. Alex and Jenny will send emails and talk to their neighbors.


--Marathon table - Thursday and Friday - Saturday 2 - 6. Mark is willing to man the table on Friday morning. Tables will be set up. Alex is available 5 - 8 PM Thursday, Pioneer's Museum. Details to come later (From PPM).


--Annual Dinner - Speakers: Recommend Neal and Teresa Taylor. Everyone agrees that this would be a good idea to invite them.

            --Consensus is no music.

            --Carol: The date is in an email: first or second weekend in November.

            --Susan suggests a door prize or postcard/pictures on the table.

            --Food: Buffet style; Mark is working at Texas Roadhouse and will inquire about prices.

            --Movie: Susan will work on her YouTube production. Steve's documentary might not be ready to show, since he's going to try and get it into film festivals.

            --Party Committee: Mark, Jenny, Susan, and Carol

            --Brian suggests a volunteer appreciation award for people who volunteer often. Everyone think of ideas for Mary's award and for the more frequent volunteer award

            --Jim suggested alcohol for the party. Carol will ask if it's okay with the DOW. Possibility to ask local brew pubs to sponsor the keg.


--Outreach group - to better reach out to get more volunteers and publicity.

            --Discussion about FaceBook postings, pro and con whether to put in only or mostly our stuff or to put in extra stuff. Brian mentioned that we currently have 5% of our stuff and 95% of fluff. We should not dilute our content (Steve and Brian). Susan thinks we need to put more stuff out there in order to build our brand.

            --Brainstorming about groups to reach out to: hiking groups, running clubs, corporations, UCCS, PPCC

            --Motion brought and carried unanimously to form an Outreach committee: Jenny, Mark, Susan, Steve, Jim, Alex, Carol

            --Jenny suggests a small printout of our schedule - fridge magnet?

            --Jenny suggests Connect Colorado Springs, who are looking for volunteer opportunities.

            --Jim suggested asking the Mennonite Camp to volunteer





Bob: Asked about policy working on motorized trails. He mentioned some eroded trails near Horsethief Park. This is not motorized though. The trail might be unsustainable. It would be a long hike to get back in there, but Jim said there is a way back there through private property.


Mark: Starting school soon, so his time with FOTP will diminish. Still interested in interning with us.


Susan: Are we the only ones the Cog has sponsored with train rides? We might want to invite them to our end-of-year party and give them an appreciation.


Jim: Wants to make sure everyone is aware of the proposed reroutes for the Crags Trail. There is a 14er expert involved. Jim wants to ensure we know about his area of concern: "We can drive right to it." There is a group called the Summit Complex Advisory Group involved with advising the new summit house construction. Carol has joined the group. There will be lots of opportunities for public involvement. Carol said that this is the comment period for the environmental assessment. She will forward suggestions, such as making sure trails are easy to find. to submit comments in Word (.doc) or .rtf or txt.



Paul: We got asked by CC to lead some volunteer days with 20 students. Carol volunteered to help. Mark might make it. Thursday and Friday, 20 and 21st August. He needs crew leaders. Crags/Devils Playground trail; below tree line. There is also a Saturday workday that week. Paul is working the Crags reroute with the USFS. Going well.


Brian: In contact with Navy coordinator with up to 50 volunteers. Asked for September 12th, which we can't do. Shanti and Joe with RMFI said there is a GoG workday. Can't reach Joe though. Working on the Barr Trail: trip and slip hazards, up to nearly the Incline bail trail. They worked on Saturday past five miles up the trail, after getting a ride up Longs Ranch Road.


Carol: Went to the BLM open house and talked about the Ring.


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