Friends of the Peak Board Minutes: April 12, 2016


Friends of the Peak Minutes 4/12/16



Friends of the Peak Monthly Board Meeting

6:30 p.m., Pikes Peak room, City Hall, Kiowa at Nevada

April 12th, 2016

Approval of Minutes from Prior Meeting- minutes from 3/8/16 unanimously approved.


·  Current accounts and recent transactions-accounts have been transitioned to UMB account however CD's remain in old account to be switched at a later date.

·  Transition status

·  Donation tube-Paul and Alex collected donations from tube at Barr Trail amounting to $167.

·         Alex will check in to Paypal account and get that transferred to UMB.

Outreach Update

·  Newsletter just went out. Next to be in May. We will do project focused email blasts, but we do not want to distinguish how often we do them, but we will send them when we have relevant content.

·  El Pomar event- see above

·  KXRM Java with Jillian-Alex will meet with Jilian on 4/14 at Crow Gulch Trail Head. Steve will send Alex some background video clips.

·  Craig Mount Google grant project- he will submit application

·  Status of Google Tour Trekker project-application has been submitted. We should be able to correct trails via GPS on Google. Paul mentions that we might be able to partner with Mike Rigney from Medicine Wheel to rent surveyor grade GPS.

·         Happy Hour Nights: we are too late to on the schedule. Group will brainstorm ideas for these and let Outreach know.

·         Tshirts

o        Volunteer- Navy Blue

§         Back with schedule

§         Front-traditional logo

o        Crew leader-orange

§         Front has old pic with

§         Back says Crew leader across pik matic

o        Fabric: Polyester with 1 large ½ and ½

o        Number: Crew leader-same as last year

o        Volunteer # increase by 20% we usually run out of small and medium. They run big.

o        Jenny will order tshirts

o        Outreach committee meeting April 26 at 4:30 at South Side Johnny's

§         Craig will attend and we will go over his ideas for updates

·         Magnets:

o        Proposed to increase font contrast for "Friends of the Peak" and order 100

o        Jenny will order the magnets

o        Consider ideas for swag and email to group

·         Pictures:

o        Brian suggests outreach committee follow up each work day with pictures of projects. We can consider a Tumbler or Flicker account. We can work with Denise to get list of attendees from each work day and then it can be reached out.

·         Facebook:

o        Susan would like our board members to get on facebook and like status and invite friends to "like" our facebook.

Project Readiness

·         Brian will email Carol and Denise the info sheets.

·         Operating plan is up and running and approved.

Operating Plan

All signatures received. Projects posted on web-site.

RTP Update

·         Victor meeting- Paul went to meeting in Cripple Creek and Victor with a lot of interested Parties including Luis Benitez. There was a lot of support and some continued resistance. They provided options for the group

·         State Trails GOCO meeting- GoCo Projects:Paul and Carol had some facetime with Parks and Wildlife and the regional Manager Brad Henley and Senior Biologist Brian Dreher and they seemed supportive.

·         Teller County Meeting- Paul and Carol also met with Teller County and they have agreed to manage grant money if it comes in. Their concern is with liability for problems that may occur on the trails.

·  El Pomar meeting Pikes Peak Recreation & Tourism Heritage Series

May 13. 3-5:30. Please RSVP.

o        Presentations in the afternoon. We should staff our table and give out Shwag. Get video for Steve's video. Paul will do his "Ring the Peak Road Show".

Susan will email the roll up banner to order.

Bull Park: forest service maintains that this area is protected but we would like to clarify as there is already motorized vehicle use there as it stands now.

Crags/Devil's Playground Update

     Paul continues to keep Tambi, the new Rec up to date on our efforts.

USFS Pikes Peak Ranger District Recreation Planner

Filled by Tambi Gustafson from Gunnison Ranger District.

2016 USFS Events Schedule

St. Mary's Trail will get a lot of traffic.


Need to update to current version of Microsoft Office. Do we buy a new computer? Do we use cloud (Office 365)? Paul proposes we change our database onto the Cloud and use Office 365 and we can access this through our own personal computers and devices. Denise is looking into.

Action Item Review

Action items assigned on 4/12/16


1)      Order tshirts

2)      Adjust font on magnet and order. Brian volunteered to have them shipped to him so that they may be available for the crew leader training.


1)      Check on roll up banner cost and design


1)      Send Alex footage for the Java with Jillian video.


1)      Meet with Craig Mounts to discuss methods of improvement.

2)      Check on Paypal funds getting switched into our acct.


Action items assigned on 3/8/16

Completed action items in Green. Pending action items in Red.


1)      Paul will send our volunteers who are currently maintaining the website a virtual introduction to Craig Mounts to get them in touch with one another.

2)      Paul will touch base with Allyn Kratz from Trout Unlimited when we do the scout for the Bear Creek Restoration project.

3)      Paul will contact Denise Downs to send an email to the database to find a second candidate for the crew leader program.

4)      Paul will let us know when we have approval of operation plan and if there are any changes.



1)      Alex will send Mike Scott a thank you note for his donation.

2)      Alex will switch bank accounts to UMB. Alex will update our "auto-pay" accounts such as the storage unit to continue these accounts.

3)      Alex will champion lining up Java with Jillian and will collect pictures and info from Brian and Susan.

4)      Alex will reach out to Carol for plan for backing up computers.

5)      Alex will order sandwich board and get info box. Alex will check with City Print shop to get wire yard sign.

6)      Alex will reach out to Ivy Wild and Trinity to set up Happy hours as well as get coupons.

7)      Alex with the help of Susan will reach out to initiate services from Craig Mounts and Reg Franklin.

8)      Alex will touch base with Carol to determine numbers and company from previous years.


1)      Jenny will work on magnet images and clarity and will get additional images from Susan. Then send back out to group for approval.

2)      Jenny will initiate group email to discuss tshirt designs.



1)      Brian will be taking on the Project Info Sheets for the projects.

2)      Brian will give project descriptions to web manager and put them into a sign up on the web


1)      Susan will share photos with Jenny for magnet

2)      Susan will assist Alex with communicating with Reg and Craig.



Craig Mounts-He would like to meet with outreach to discuss recommendations.

Brian says Crew leader training is in two weeks.