Friends of the Peak Annual Planning Session 2014

Friends of the Peak Annual Planning Session 2014


Attendance: Jim Strub, Carol Beckman, Paul Mead, Steve Bremner, Brian Van Valkenburg, Bob Bunch, Susan Jarvis-Weber, Bill Koerner


1) Define titles and assignments and their roles and responsibilities


President—General supervising and control of all operations; President and secretary have authority to sign and approve all financial documents.


Vice President—Takes on the duties of the President when needed.


Secretary—Keeps proceedings of Board of Directors; Send out invitations to all meetings; Keep the database of members


Treasurer—Keep all securities; manages the finances


Secondary positions: Database manager--Carol; Web Manager (Facebook and Web site)—Jim Davies; Ring the Peak Sign coordinator--Carol; Tool Manager (Coordinates all tool usage)--Brian; Newsletter publisher/editor (Communications, flyers, email)—Jim Strub; Project coordinator (moved and approved for new position, Brian); Marketing—need outreach coordinator


Marketing—1) Fund raising for purpose of buying properties and NEPA studies, 2) Recruiting volunteers (find out corporations, military who might be interested, Broadmoor type tourists)


Speed Boarding—Steve mentioned that Incline Friends got some quality new board members from Leadership Pikes Peak . Steve will watch for the email from them so we can participate in this next spring. (Update 12/5: Following inquiry, Steve received an email from the director saying they are planning on having it in February and she will keep me posted)

2) Annual election of officers

Unanimous reelection of all officers to another term.


Create Marketing outreach coordinator—unanimous election of Susan to the role


3) Brainstorming


Seminars—Paul stepped up to work on this (Leave no trace; PR to get our name out there, Crew leader training, history talks)


Summit house project—Jim S. is on the board; recommends we get our name in there for Pikes Peak summit ring trail; Jim is our POC


Guided Hikes—Brian recommends working with TOSC; Carol thinks we might forgo this idea, because other organizations are already doing this.


Grants—Do we want to apply for grants? Last time we applied for grants was when Eric Billmeyer was on the board. Partner with Parks and/or TOSC to write grants. Crags Trail, Severy Creek trail and Crowe Gulch connector trail have visibility and require resources.


Youth corps—We used this in the past for more remote work sites. You have to apply for them and kick in some money too.


20th anniversary in 2015—

--Party—Susan coordinator;

--Special t-shirts (20th anniversary for those working on projects next year);

--Marketing tool;

--Swag--pin for every crew leader; coupon from somewhere like REI to hand out to volunteers

--Anniversary work site where we have done work every year;

--History handouts;

--Party at the first place we ever built—Crystal Creek Reservoir trail:

--Kickoff event;

--Billboard on Cimarron;

--Party after the event;

--Video of the best of our years

--Keystone project of an overnighter at Barr Camp—ride up on the Cog—partner with Adaman; two crew days; September, when Barr Camp is not as busy

-- (Afterthought Update): Maybe for the 20th anniversary we want to send out a "we miss you" mailing to people who have not volunteered or donated for a few years. For many of the early entries in the database, we don't have e-mail addresses, so we'd need to decide whether to do a real mailing. Postcards would be easier than letters -- nothing to stuff. Also, cheaper postage, and the recipient sees the message without opening anything. We'd need to decide if we want to offer paper contact on a more regular basis, though.


4) Goals -- long term



5) Goals -- Short term


--More publications-we’re in Cheyenne Edition; Gazette; ask Susan Davies to mention us in her monthly column

--Out There article on our 20th anniversary; give them enough content to make a series

--(Afterthought update): For advertising, early in the season, maybe May, maybe early June when summer is in full swing, on a Saturday, during peak hours, probably morning, for someone to stand at either the base of the Incline or Barr Trail and offer a project flyer or card to everyone coming down.


--Get Forest Service on board for our connector trail from Crowe Gulch to Severy Creek

            --Jim asked Carol to send his writeup on the connector trail to the Forest Service leadership

            --The Forest service personnel has completely turned over in the last year—we need to work closely to get them to ally with us

            --Forest Plan for Pikes/Isabel is on the near term horizon (3 years maybe)—this might be our chance to get the SW slope sheep designation changed to build RTP trail.




6) Photo/file repository


--Dropbox gives one terabyte

            --We can give a link so people can see all our photos

            --Facebook is a bit cumbersome

            --Open question is who is best person to manage it

            --We can make an email decision to purchase this


           --Youtube account

7) Membership and donations


            --$10 annual donation is minimum to be a “member” of FOTP

                        --Suggest increasing to $20 for individual, $40 family (Afterthought update): Consider making it $25 for an individual to make family membership more of a “discount”.

                        --Sponsor increase to $100-$1000

                        --Summit $1,000 and up

                        --Member, Family, Sponsor, Summit levels

            --Volunteers are also “members”

            --Two separate lists, members and email list

8) Broadening FOTP active memberships

            --Recruit to assist FOTP officers

            --Get a yard sign or two to put into the ground closer to project work sites -- have the sandwich board at the trailhead, the yard signs near the actual work.

            --Participation at public events 

                        --More than just banner—need laptop, so people can sign up

                        --Susan will propose how table will look

                        --Get a QR code and have stickers, possibly cloth like the Golden Bee, to distribute.

            --Enhance annual FOTP activities 

                        --Susan proposes upgrading and making more relevant

                        --Crew leader training—something that goes along with it

9) Working with other organizations

            --Forest Service: Oscar Martinez, Frank replacement?



10) Ring the Peak

            --Crowe Gulch connector, Ute Pass Trail

            --Strategy, Action Plan


            --Bill Koerner

                        --Meeting with Oscar @ Forest Service

                                    --Forest Plan revision coming 2016-17

                                                --Will there be public input?

                                    --He said bring forward whatever you find out with Cripple Creek and Victor

                                    --Bill has contact with Connie Dodrill, who talked with the city administrator for Cripple Creek, who expressed enthusiasm; she was going to talk to the water person; Bill asked them to match for a planning grant

                                    --Bill has strategized with Tom Morrissey, staff support person from the state trails committee

                                    --Another idea is to get someone who owns property in Cripple Creek to join the Timberline Fishing Club for the Cripple Creek Reservoirs, or who owns property in Victor to join the Gold Camp Fishing Club for the Bison Reservoir

                                    --Propose a hike on the southwest side with FOTP and Bill Koerner (Steve leads)—Spring, after the snow

                                    --How can we get Phil Anschutz ear?

                                    --Carol knows Jim Komadina with mining company

                                    -- Bill Koerner would like a map of the alternate route from Horsethief/Pancake Rocks across BLM land


                        --Crowe Gulch connector (northeast side of RTP)

                                    --Letter from Manitou not objecting to using the road (Bill will talk to the mayor), there is an email string with city personnel

                                    --Paul will ask for letter from CSU saying they won’t object

                                    --We have a letter from Jack Glavan (Pikes Peak Tollway)

                                    --Carol will write a letter asking for a letter of support to both CSU and Manitou

                                    --We need to consider both Crowe Gulch connector and the Heizer connector, since Heizer is not a system trail

                                    --Carol will ping Sue with Forest Service about survey

                                    -- Jim S proposed offering $1000 to the NEPA fund if and when the account is set up

 11) Grants


            --Bill knows deadlines for GOCO grant, State trails grant, etc

            --Bill will call Jeff Webb with Parks to ask about him writing grant for us

            --Status action items in February


12) 2015 projects


            --Carol tried to contact Sarah but hasn’t heard back

            --We need to put together our year to present to the Forest Service

            --Rick Ellsworth with the Forest Service wants to replace two bridges on the seven bridges trail and reroute the scree field


            --Upper Devil’s Playground trail to the summit; 100’ to 200’ needs reconstruction (next to sharp highway curve just downhill from 18-mile marker)

            --Elk Park Trail—three trees down

                        --What else needs to be done? The steep section going down to Oil Creek trail needs to have drainages dug into it


            --Ring the Peak

                        --Manitou got planning grant for their open space master plan

                        --Putney Gulch

                        --Raspberry Mountain (priority over Putney)

                        --Horsethief Park—Rains have flooded the trail, but social trails have found a suitable substitute route

            --South Slope trails (take a year off while they get used to it being opened)


Summary of possible 2015 projects:

a) One day by Crags trailhead for bridge -- possibly just a small group, not on advertised schedule
b) One day for Crags to the summit problem areas below boulder field
c) Barr Trail:
          --Sept Sat-Sun overnight with AdAmAn, ride on Cog, food at Barr Camp
          --Sat-Sun overnight weekend before Marathon; ride up Longs Ranch Rd

          --One or two Thursdays before Marathon; ride up Longs Ranch Road
          --One tread Sat -- 2 steps w timbers w air behind them, any other problem
          --One post Saturday, also possibly rails
          --Maybe additional Cog days
d) One Raspberry -- low priority
e) Thursdays:
           --Four days Saint Mary's Falls, also day with bike group arranged to accommodate their schedule
           --Three days Seven Bridges (gullies above Undine Falls)
           --Two Barr Trail days via Longs Ranch Road
           --One day on Barr Trail via Cog

f) (Afterthought update): Trail 703



13) Partnering with other groups (ask them to participate in work days)


            --Saturday Knights

            --Sierra Club

            --PP Road Runners

            --UCCS (Steve Jennings)

            --Rotary, Elks (or anything in that vein)