Friends of the Peak Board Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Peak Board Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015



Attendance: Bob Bunch, Paul Mead, Carol Beckman, Brian Van Valkenburg, Steve Bremner

Minutes from last meeting are approved

Financials: Brian has donors from last year in the computer. Carol asked for the addresses from everyone who donated last year.

Promotional items

-          Premium membership?  

o        Flashlight extra with compass: cost .89, includes our logo; buy 250

o        Premium level for swag agreed on for $75

o        Sponsor level $100

o        Summit level is $1000

o        Membership is $25 for individual; $40 family; magnet for basic level (Buy 500) (mail with thank you letter)

o        For magnet we can all look at our photos of the east face of Pikes Peak

o        Rotating swag items from year to year

o        Jim Davies likes the idea of pen give aways (300 @ .39 ea.)

o        Consensus is magnets, stickers, maybe pens

-          Speed boarding
 - desired skill(s) and position(s)

o        Jim recommended trail builders in email

o        Marketing

o        Consensus is for enthusiastic people excited by the outdoors and trails


-          Lapsed member mailing

o        Old addresses, not sure if valid (one time mailing with postcard)

o        On postcard have links for collecting their email address; chance to donate; web site link for volunteering. If we get back “undeliverable” cross them off the list.

o        Discussion on whether we should send out emails soliciting donations


-          CS Parks and Friends group agreement -- attached for review

o        Everyone is good with it


-          Project status

o        Spencer Wren signed off on our working on Cog Property in 2015 (lower Barr Trail)


-          Previous items
 - 20th anniversary party (Susan)
 - seminars (Leave no trace)
 - Dropbox -- can CS Parks FOTP specific dropbox work for this?

o        Each friends group has their own dropbox (how much space do they have?)

         - Youtube, video (Steve is taking a documentary film class, with project in April. Proposes making short doc on Ring the Peak)

         - Yard signs (Susan)

         - Crowe Gulch connector, Mark Shea and Marc Snyder

         - Southwest Ring, Carol talked to Cripple Creek & Victor Mining Co contact; she seemed amenable to talking



-          Round table

o        Paul said projects paramount

o        Brian gave spare mailbox keys to President and Secretary (Carol and Steve)

o        Carol wanted to contact Gail Snyder, one of the original FOTP members, but hasn’t been able to contact;

o        Discussion about new signage at the end of the “new UPT” stating no trespassing in the section between the end of UPT and Longs Ranch Road. Why?

o        From Jim Strub’s email:

§         Our Advocates for the Pikes Peak Summit House (APPSH) is very active.  The City (Parks and Rec) is about to release a preliminary RFP (not the one for actual design).  There are many "stake-holders."  I will keep you posted.

§         When you have the projects list in concrete, I can issue our first 2015 NL.  It is also to have the 2014 donors list.