Friends of the Peak Board Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Peak Board Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2015



Attendance: Bob Bunch, Paul Mead, Carol Beckman, Brian Van Valkenburg, Steve Bremner, Susan Jarvis-Weber, and guests Alex and Jenny Sullivan

Minutes from last meeting are approved

Financials: Brian passed around the bank statements



Project Schedule:


Sat, May 30 -- Barr via Cog – Steve lead

Discussion about moving the day, because a Cheyenne Mtn workday is scheduled for that day and Paul M. is committed to that project. May 16th was floated, but snow will likely be too prevalent that early. Tentatively looking at keeping May 30th as the date, since it’s been coordinated with the Cog.

Sat, June 6th -- National Trails Day, 20th anniversary project. Seven bridges--Brian leader.

Fri-Sat, June 26-27 -- UCCS group, Raspberry Mtn. UCCS camps out, we drive up on Saturday. Bob Bunch lead

Sat, July 11 -- North Slope, Mackinaw Trail along Catamount Reservoir, CS Utilities, CS Parks and Rec project. TBD.

Sat, July 25th -- Elk Park -- Paul will lead.

Sat-Sun, Aug 8-9 -- Barr via Longs Ranch Road. Primitive camping. Bring your own food. Brian lead.

Sat, Aug 22nd -- Crags summit trail below boulder field. Paul and Carol will lead.

Sat-Sun, Sep 12-13th -- Barr via Cog, need to coordinate with AdAmAn. Mike lead? Or Brian leader.

Sat, Sept 19th –posts and rails on Barr; Carol lead


Thurs, Aug 13 is the anchor -- that's the Thursday before the Ascent and Marathon when the race folks have the trucks. Brian will lead all Thursdays.

May 21 -- St Mary's Falls
June 4 -- St Mary's Falls

June 18 -- St Mary's Falls
July 2   -- last on St. Mary's Falls
July 16 -- Seven Bridges
July 30 -- Seven Bridges
Aug 6 -- Barr via Longs Ranch Road

Aug 13 -- Barr via Longs Ranch Road
Aug 27 -- Barr via Cog
Sept 10 -- Seven Bridges
Sept 24 -- Seven Bridges

- Severy seed collection w RMFI. No date set. August?

- Toadflax w Friends of Red Rock. Probably June 20th.

- Crew Leader training set for April 17 – 19th.


- Earth Day is April 25th


-          Leave no Trace seminar dates. Susan will contact instructors.

o       April 1st crew leader specific; two more dates for general public

o       Library locations—Carol will check with Parks and Rec and library


-          Ring the Peak -- Ruxton to North Slope route

o       Carol will try to get written documentation and boundaries for the Hurricane Canyon wilderness area


-          20th anniversary party – June 6th

o       Bar-B-Que after a workday? Susan. After the Trails day-- 6th June.

o       Premium Swag

o       Budget – TBD

o       Location – Starsmore Discovery Center – Bob knows manager and will contact her

o       Catering – Buffalo Gals – Picnic Basket

o       ~ 50 people 4 – 8 PM

o       Carol will ask REI to sponsor this

 - Dropbox -- can CS Parks FOTP specific dropbox work for this? Brian will talk to Tilah about this

 - YouTube, video – Steve will be making a documentary on Ring the Peak, which will be ready by the 20 year anniversary party. (UPDATE 19 Feb: the documentary class has been postponed until June-July, so I wouldn’t have it ready)

 - Yard signs – Banner


Round table


Susan is going to the VOC Calendar meeting and will represent FOTP. Also she will be working on the 14ers initiative.


Brian is going to have a crew certifying meeting with Shanti—Shanti is looking at more work days for CATS in conjunction with Brian’s work days.


Carol filed IRS paperwork for the year. Carol has 250 new swag flashlights. We have on order stickers and magnets.