Friends of the Peak was founded in 1995 to be an active voice for Pikes Peak.  Mary Burger was one of the key founders and remained the driving force for Friends of the Peak for years, and still serves as an inspiration to current Friends who know her.  Mary was on the board of directors from the beginning of the organization through 2010 and remained active, leading projects, through 2011.  Mary was president from 1998 through 2007.  Not only did Mary handle all the duties of president, but she also planned and led the volunteer trail projects and took care of the tools.  For the 20th anniversary, Mary wrote her memories of the beginnings of Friends of the Peak.

Jim Strub, a long-time volunteer with Friends of the Peak and advocate for Pikes Peak, who served on the North Slope Watershed Committee and Pikes Peak Highway Advisory Commission, was involved with the Pikes Peak Multi-Use Plan and Ring the Peak from their inception.  Jim wrote his perspective on the beginnings of Ring the Peak and the Ring's status as of the 20th anniversary of Friends of the Peak.

The links to the right lead to Mary's memories of the founding and early history of Friends of the Peak and Ring the Peak and to Jim's notes on Ring the Peak.